To my Mom on Mother’s Day

I remember crawling into your bed at just five years old. The thunder was cracking, the lightning was flashing, and I was scared. But as soon as I crawled into your arms, and you held me tight, the fear suddenly diminished. I felt safe next to you. This was even before the tornado came.

About two years passed, and suddenly we found ourselves huddled in the corner of our basement, under covers, praying for our lives. But just like you had done two years ago, you held on to us kids so tight. You refused to let anything happen to us. You made us feel safe. And even though it was scary and traumatizing, we made it through that night. We lost every material thing, but in the big scheme of things, that didn’t matter much. We still had each other, and that is all we needed.

The years after the tornado were tough on me. I had nightmares after nightmares. But when I had one of those nightmares, and I woke up in a panic, I knew where I could find my comfort. I would slide out of my bed, tip-toe across the house, and crawl in your bed next to you. You always knew why I was there. You would tell me it was okay, and you would hold me in your arms. And for the rest of the night, I would feel safe.

Then there were the times that I was sick. I am sure I would have recovered the same in my own bed, in my own room, but that wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted to be with you. You would make me hot tea, Vicks me up, tuck me under your covers, and there we would lay, watching Lifetime movies, until we both fell asleep. I was in your arms. I felt safe and the sickness suddenly disappeared.

There were also the heartbreaks. I know you remember each one vividly. They broke your heart almost as much as they broke mine. And I didn’t even need to ask you – you already knew. You told me to come over to  your room, and there I would stay, crying with you, talking to you, watching Lifetime movies with you, until we finally both fell asleep. I was in your arms. I felt safe, and the heartbreak suddenly started to disappear.

But it wasn’t just the scary, sick, or sad times that I would spend with you. There were nights, that I just wanted to be with my mom, the woman who raised me, loved me, and inspired me. So I would come over to your room, we would lay in the bed, eating popcorn and drinking Pepsi, watching Lifetime movies, until we would fall asleep. I was in your arms. I felt safe, and I felt unconditionally loved.

You have always been there to hold me when I needed you most. You first held me in your arms 25 years ago, as I took my first breath. In that moment, there was so much love, so much joy, and so much safety. I knew from that first minute on, that you would always be there to hold me, and you have never let me down.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom – I love you.



A Post to Moms on Mothers’ Day

Moms – you are all amazing, you are all super heroes, you are all rockstars, you are all everything nice that anyone could ever think to call a person. There are not even enough adjectives in the English language to describe how truly awesome you all are. The only phrase I can think of to sum it all up, is that you are all gifts’ from God. And on this day – Mother’s Day – You all deserve to be celebrated. Well, let’s be honest, you deserve to be praised every day of the year, but we will just stick with one day for right now, otherwise us kids would be all broke from buying you gifts. 

But really, how is one supposed to describe a mom. There are just so many things a mom is.

A mom is a personal nurse. Always around when you skinned your knee from falling off your bike, even though she yelled at you countless times to wear your helmet and knee pads before going down the hill. Her medicine cabinet was always full, and when you were sick, she always knew the perfect dose of hugs, kisses, love, and of course Robatusin to give you in order to get you back on your feet. Let’s be honest, being sick was amazing. Your mom always waited on you hand and foot, and you totally took advantage of it. Thanks for caring mom. 

A mom is a counselor. We were all total basket cases in our teenage and high school years. Breakups with boyfriends or girlfriends, breakups with longtime friends, the anxiety of failing Honor’s English, or the stress of getting off the bench in the next basketball game. We went through countless boxes of tissues, countless gallons of ice cream, and countless nights of just laying in your  bed crying for hours, while watching Lifetime movies and contemplating whether it would be easier to just be home schooled. Yea, that would have been amazing. But anyway, thanks mom. Thanks for listening to us sob for hours, and never pushing us off your bed and forcing us out of your room from complete annoyance. 

You are all maids. Now, I know this may sound offensive, but let’s be honest, you did everything for us – you waited on us hand and foot – we were totally spoiled. We never asked you to. You always just wanted to. You made us dinner every night, you made our bed every morning, and you even did our laundry. Of course, once we got a little older, you shoved all that on to us. But don’t worry, we aren’t too upset about it. Just know, we aren’t as good as you at cooking, cleaning, or laundry, so if you ever get bored, you know what you can do. Anyway, thanks for always making sure we didn’t go hungry or smelly during the day – it was greatly appreciated. 

You are all chefs. Sure making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or Mac N’ Cheese isn’t rocket science, but for some reason, yours was always better. I’m sure you just added the packet of cheese into the pan that was provided in the box for everyone, but for some reason, you always had the perfect noodle to cheesy goodness ratio, that we could never match. There has to be a hidden secret or ingredient. Anyway, our stomachs thank you. Our mouths thank you. Our bodies and souls thank you. 

You are all personal stylists. Truth be told, we were all stylish little brats when we were young. Rocking the bib/flower dresses, totally nailing the jumper dress trend, and of course completely pulling off the bowl cut look. Sure, now it’s a little humiliating that we were ever seen in public like that, but I’m sure back in the day, we were the trendiest kids in town. And while we have evolved and matured in our wardrobes, you still know what we like. You nail all our Christmas and Birthday gifts, and we are always happy to tell people, thanks, my mom picked it out. Thanks for being totally awesome and making us look totally hot. 

And while you are all the above things and more, most importantly, you are a best friend. Someone we can always count on. Someone who has always been there for us. From the moment we took our first breaths, heck even nine months before that, you were there, watching over us, protecting us, holding us, loving us. Through the years, that hasn’t changed. You are still there for us, except now us teenagers or young adults refer to it as hovering, obsessing, or goodness mom, will you stop texting me for five minutes. But we understand. At least most of the time. And hey, sometimes it’s nice to be obsessed over. 

Moms, with all jokes aside, you are truly the best. You are the most amazing people on this planet, and that’s saying a lot, in a planet that includes Channing Tatums, Taylor Swifts, Johnny Depps, George Clooneys – well you get the idea. Anyway, we would all be lost without you. Not to mention hungry, mentally unstable, injured, and total and complete messes. You are the glue that holds us all together. This world and all of us wouldn’t function properly without you. 

Happy Mother’s Day. You are all truly spectacular and we can’t thank you enough for being all that you are. 

And to my mom – You are the best of them all, and yes I may be a little bias. But you’ve always been there for me, even when I didn’t deserve it. Thanks for your unconditional love, your understanding, your grace, and your wisdom. You deserve to be praised every second, every minute, every hour, and every day of the year. I love you.