To my Mom on Mother’s Day

I remember crawling into your bed at just five years old. The thunder was cracking, the lightning was flashing, and I was scared. But as soon as I crawled into your arms, and you held me tight, the fear suddenly diminished. I felt safe next to you. This was even before the tornado came.

About two years passed, and suddenly we found ourselves huddled in the corner of our basement, under covers, praying for our lives. But just like you had done two years ago, you held on to us kids so tight. You refused to let anything happen to us. You made us feel safe. And even though it was scary and traumatizing, we made it through that night. We lost every material thing, but in the big scheme of things, that didn’t matter much. We still had each other, and that is all we needed.

The years after the tornado were tough on me. I had nightmares after nightmares. But when I had one of those nightmares, and I woke up in a panic, I knew where I could find my comfort. I would slide out of my bed, tip-toe across the house, and crawl in your bed next to you. You always knew why I was there. You would tell me it was okay, and you would hold me in your arms. And for the rest of the night, I would feel safe.

Then there were the times that I was sick. I am sure I would have recovered the same in my own bed, in my own room, but that wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted to be with you. You would make me hot tea, Vicks me up, tuck me under your covers, and there we would lay, watching Lifetime movies, until we both fell asleep. I was in your arms. I felt safe and the sickness suddenly disappeared.

There were also the heartbreaks. I know you remember each one vividly. They broke your heart almost as much as they broke mine. And I didn’t even need to ask you – you already knew. You told me to come over to  your room, and there I would stay, crying with you, talking to you, watching Lifetime movies with you, until we finally both fell asleep. I was in your arms. I felt safe, and the heartbreak suddenly started to disappear.

But it wasn’t just the scary, sick, or sad times that I would spend with you. There were nights, that I just wanted to be with my mom, the woman who raised me, loved me, and inspired me. So I would come over to your room, we would lay in the bed, eating popcorn and drinking Pepsi, watching Lifetime movies, until we would fall asleep. I was in your arms. I felt safe, and I felt unconditionally loved.

You have always been there to hold me when I needed you most. You first held me in your arms 25 years ago, as I took my first breath. In that moment, there was so much love, so much joy, and so much safety. I knew from that first minute on, that you would always be there to hold me, and you have never let me down.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom – I love you.



25, Part II – The Twin Edition

I am now officially three days away from turning 25-years-old. I know some of you read my post from last week on the 25 things I have learned in my 25 years. If you didn’t, well shame on you –  you are not invited to eat cake with me… only kidding. You can catch up on that post here.

Anyway, after reading my post from last week, many of you can see, that I left a pretty important part out – well person, I should say. Yes, I forgot to include Brandi, my twin sister, and trust me, she has been pouting about it all week…only slightly kidding this time.

So I am going to compile another list of 25 for our 25 years of life together, only this time, it will be the 25 things us as twins have went through in our 25 years.

Here we go…

  1. The dress alike phase. Yes, I know this is common in twins, but our mom took it slightly overboard. Not only did we have to dress alike everyday in elementary school, but if one of us had to get our school picture retaken, we had to wear the same exact outfit as before, so that our new picture would still match the other twin’s original photo. We were the original model of “Who wore it better.” And we had matching bowl haircuts…like why?
  2. We had to share EVERYTHING! Clothes, a room, a bed, parents, a birthday, friends…the list goes on and on. It was very annoying back in the day, but now, we cherish it.
  3. We were/are a package deal. If one of us made a new friend, the other one automatically made a new friend too. You couldn’t befriend one twin without befriending the other. Our college roommate Kate found that out the first week of classes, and she was okay with it. Also, if you want to date one of us, you have to like the twin. If you don’t, it just isn’t going to work out – Sorry, not sorry.
  4. Yes, we do wear the same size shoe, shirt, and pant. No, Brandi does not like it when I borrow clothes from her closet. I have been known not to give certain things back if I think they look better on me – oops.
  5. We are use to, but still hate, being referred to as “the twins.” We are two different people. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.
  6. If you call me Brandi, I will answer to that. Heck, I’ll even pretend to be her through the conversation. One time in college, one of Brandi’s classmates stopped me in the library to talk about a paper. I had no idea what paper, but I sure went along with it. Also, Brandi does the same thing for me.
  7. Yes, we know our voices sound exactly alike. We are twins. Tell us something that is new.
  8. We hate when you make us stop what we are doing, to stand side-by-side, so you can see how much or how little we look alike. It was flattering back in the day, but now it’s just annoying.
  9. Yes, we did swap places once during school. I went to math for Brandi and she went to English for me. Worked out perfectly.
  10. We did have a crush on the same guy once. Trust me, that only happened once. Believe it or not, our types are completely different.
  11. We did everything together. Had the same high school classes, had the same high school jobs, went to the same college, almost had the same degree, and even worked at the same place after college for a bit. Yes, we are inseparable.
  12. The longest we were ever apart up until this year, was 10 days during a summer in high school. It was complete torture.
  13. Yes, we do feel each others’ pain – physical and emotional.
  14. We ironically were obsessed with everything Mary-Kate and Ashley back in the day. Had every one of their movies, every one of their Barbie dolls, and even dressed in their clothes. We felt a bond with them.
  15. It’s true what they say – twins can tell other twins a part more easily. It is a gift.
  16. We did use the catch phrase, “Pinch, Poke, You owe me a Coke,” a lot back in the day. We said the same thing at the same time, totally  unplanned, all the time. However, we never actually bought the other one a Coke.
  17. We have a ton of inside jokes. And no, I can’t tell you any of them, otherwise they wouldn’t be inside jokes, now would they.
  18. We have gotten into physical fights before. I did throw a hanger at her once for wearing my pants to church. Like I said above, we hate when the other “steals” our clothes. Don’t worry, we never stay mad at each other for more than five minutes.
  19. We have talked about living in a duplex. It will happen one day, whether our husbands like it or not. Remember, we are a package deal.
  20. Before anyone asks again, I am one minute older and a little more wiser. After all, I was in the world so much longer than Brandi.
  21. If you ask us which one the “bad” twin is, we will say the other one…every time. So, stop asking.
  22. We did have the Shaulis and Shaulis Mystery Agency back in the day. You can thank our obsession with the Olsen twins for that one. We set up shop in our shed, and solved one whole mystery, which was “who did the loud footsteps belong to that our mother heard while working alone in the church.” We did solve it, but we can’t disclose that information.
  23. You will never know more than me about my twin. It just won’t happen.
  24. I risked my life the night the tornado took our house, in order to get Brandi’s cherished Teddy Bear from the bedroom. That is true love right there. Yes, the bear is still with us today.
  25. She is my soul mate. No one will ever take that position away from her. After all, she has been with me my whole entire life. We shared an umbilical cord people, meaning I actually shared my precious food with her. I don’t do that with just anyone.

I know after reading through those, you are all jealous you don’t have a twin sister. If you aren’t, you definitely should be. Being a twin is an experience unlike any other, and my twin, is forever my best friend.

I love you Brandi – Happy Birthday…well almost.


In exactly 10 days, I will officially be 25-years-old.

That is half way to 50, 1/4 of a century, and 10 gray hairs of maturity. I know to some of you, I am still considered a “young-in,” but to me, I am getting old. I mean, I have been graduated from high school for SEVEN years, and from college THREE years. Like what the heck – where has the time gone?! I can already hear the cracks in my knees when I get up from sitting for an extended period of time, and yes, like I mentioned above, I have found multiple gray hairs – YIKES!

Luckily for me, I have learned a lot over my almost 25 years of life. Sorry that I keep repeating that I will be 25 –  I am having a hard time dealing with the fact that I keep aging so quickly. Anyway, I have compiled a list of 25 things that I have learned in my 25 years. I think it’s appropriate to share, because some of you will be where I am someday, and some of  you have already been where I am at. So we can compare what we’ve learned through the years.

So here I go…

  1.  Doing laundry is somehow therapeutic. I’m sure that will change in a few years.
  2. Saying no to going out with people to hang out on the couch with your dog is okay.
  3. Cooking like your still in college is acceptable, but preparing a nice meal at least once a week, makes you feel good inside. But my go to is still Velveeta Mac N’ Cheese, and I have no shame eating the whole box.
  4. Maybe waiting until the gas light is on to get gas isn’t such a smart idea.
  5. Going out in public in PJ pants is a thing. A great, great thing. Stop caring about impressing everyone.
  6. Having one best friend is better than having ten or more “okay” friends. Even if that one best friend is your twin. 
  7. One glass of wine just won’t cut it. A whole bottle will do the trick – maybe.
  8. Pizza is in a food group all of its own. And it’s the only one that really matters.
  9. Laughing at yourself is important. Don’t take things so seriously.
  10. Finding gray hairs will happen, and even after you pull them out, they will grow back.
  11. On your days off, don’t wear makeup. Just rely on the Snapchat filters.
  12. Crockpot meals are the best kind of meals. When you want to actually cook something other than Mac N’ Cheese.
  13. Doing crossword puzzles are sometimes better than watching TV.
  14. Maybe Web MD isn’t always right. Maybe you’re not always going to die.
  15. Meatloaf isn’t so bad.
  16. Grown-up clothes are fun, but so are childish ones.
  17. Do what makes you happy, instead of trying to impress everyone else.
  18. College loans still suck, but you’re making progress.
  19. Not having your life completely figured out is still okay.
  20. Lifetime movies are completely predictable, but you still watch them anyway. Especially new movie Saturdays.
  21. Having a made bed every morning makes a world of difference. Your house will always feel messy if your bed is not made.
  22. Watching the six o’ clock news followed by Jeopardy is the only way to spend a week night.
  23. You still don’t know more than your parents, but please, don’t tell them that.
  24. Even though over half of your graduating class is married with kids, you’re still a normal human being. Maybe you’re actually better off.
  25. Like I mentioned above, you’re half way to 50. Start living it up!

So, I still have 10 more days until my hair starts to fall out and the wrinkles start to appear on my face. Okay, okay, I may be exaggerating slightly. But I am going to break out the wine and a dozen of cookies anyway, to start wallowing in self pity.

Check back with me in a week to see how I’m doing.




Hats Off to You, Dr. Seuss

Today is not only Read Across America Day, but it is also Dr. Seuss Day. I mean, the two kind of go hand in hand. Be honest, no one as a kid, would have started to read anything if it wasn’t for Dr. Seuss and his catchy rhymes. I mean he was the real Slim Shady back in the day. A more clean and kid friendly Slim Shady. But he spit out those rhymes like no one else, and he had a huge impact on children across the country.

So in honor of today, I am going to let Duke take over, and give his reactions to some of Dr. Seuss’s quotes in his best sellers.


“I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them Sam I am..”

Well for one, my name is not Sam, it’s Duke. And two, I will eat just about anything, so bring those green eggs and ham my way, if this Sam character is just going to be wasteful.

“A person’s a person no matter how small.

So stop with the short jokes people. My mom and Aunt Brandi are people, although they look like midgets.

“You’re in pretty good shape for the shape you are in.”

Throw that diet out the window. Eat all the cookies and pizza you can. Because even if you’re a circular shape, you make a pretty good looking circle, and I bet you’re a lot more satisfied.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out.” 

Be weird. Be crazy. Be yourself. The people that judge you, are just jealous they are not as fabulous.

“To the world you may be on person, but to one person you may be the World.”

Yes, I have to be a little sentimental and corny. I’m sorry. But my mom is one small little person, some may even say a midget, like I mentioned before, but she is the biggest and best part of my life. I’m sure you all have people like that in your life.

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” 

Okay, this one is total bull crap if we are talking about finishing the last piece of pizza. That is sad stuff, and I won’t smile again, until there is another pizza in front of my face.

“You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.”  

I don’t mean to be negative, but wouldn’t this make us sleep deprived. I think people go nuts, or even die, due to lack of sleep. Come on man, we can’t keep our eyes open all the time. Just isn’t logical.

“You’re off to great places. Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So…get on your way!”

No offense, but I’m not prepared for that. I don’t have any mountain climbing equipment. They didn’t send any of that in my last BarkBox, so the mountain might have to keep waiting.

“These Things will not bite you. They want to have fun. Then, out of the box, came Thing Two and Thing One.”

Okay, no offense, I’m sure they are nice creatures, but you simply cannot trust something with blue hair. Also, when someone tells you they don’t bite, I feel like they possibly could still bite. Yea, I’m not sure what kind of shot covers a Thing One bite.

Sleep is like the unicorn – it is rumored to exist, but I doubt I will see any.”

Sorry for your luck Dr. Seuss, but I see sleep at least five times a day. I guess I found the unicorn.

“Kid, you’ll move mountains.”

I mean, I guess you can try, but I’m not sure you’ll see much progress.

“With your head full of brains, and your shoes full of feet, you’re too smart to go down a not-so-good-street.”

But what if Siri get the directions screwed up. It’s happened before.

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

Well we will never know how simple the answers are, because apparently, we will never be able to answer the question. This just makes everyone feel dumb.

“One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.”

Hmmm, I don’t know which one would taste better. Which one do you recommend. And is there some kind of two fish for one fish special today?  


Okay, so I am not sure Duke really grasped a lot of what Dr. Seuss was saying. At least it made for a great read. If you want a human’s take on some of his books, click here for my post from last year.

One thing we both agree on, Dr. Seuss was, is, and will always be the man. The man who encourages children all across America to read, and to actually enjoy it. Thanks, Dr. Seuss.

The Life Lessons my 88 Year Old Grandma has Taught Me. 

You are now 88 years old. Wow, it’s true what they say. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. 

You always were a blast. I remember times when Brandi and I didn’t want to leave your house because we were enjoying ourselves so much. Mom and dad had to force us to come over. We never stayed away for too long though. We just couldn’t. With you, we always had the time of our lives. 

And we learned a lot from you. Not only were you fun, but you were wise. The life lessons we have gained from you over our 24 years have always stuck with us, and they will continue to do so. 

I think it’s now time to share some of these life lessons with the rest of the world. After all, I wouldn’t want them to be deprived of the wise words of such an amazing woman. So on your 88th birthday, I will gift my readers with a little MeMe wisdom. 

1. Mind your manners. MeMe used to always tell us: “Always say please and thank you.” And her most infamous one: “Tables are made for glasses, not asses.” Man, all Brandi and I wanted to do was be up on the table, closer to all the cookie action. Finally, she taught us to always kill people with kindness, even if they don’t deserve it. “Trust me,” she would say. “There are a lot of people who don’t deserve it, but don’t let them know that.” 

2. Own what the good Lord gave you. You could never be body conscious around grandma. If you made one bad comment about yourself, she would say : “Now, you’re built like a brick shithouse, and not even a brick out of place.” At first, I wasn’t sure if that phrase was a compliment. I quickly learned it was one of the highest. 

3. Always be a lady when using the restroom. Don’t announce to the world about “your business.” If you must tell them about using the restroom, always say: “I have to shake the dew off of my lily.” MeMe said that always makes it sound more polite and lady like. And when you’re done, remember this: “If you sprinkle while you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie.” 

4. Always separate the end pieces of the puzzle from the rest of them. Why make things harder on yourself. Have some patience. Take the time to make things easier on yourself. If you don’t have the time of day to separate your puzzle pieces, then you need to slow it down. Who knew putting a puzzle together could teach you so much. 

5. The bigger the pancake the better. Why waste the space in your skillet. Fill that sucker up with batter. Don’t leave a spot untouched. Plus you will feel so much better about yourself. It will trick your mind into thinking you ate less, when in fact, you probably engulfed the same amount, if not more.

6. You must try all food before turning your nose up to it. If grandma told you to try something, you better try it. If you say, “No, I don’t like it,” she would come back with, “How do you know? You haven’t even tried it.” Fair enough. So open your mouth and try it. If then you don’t like it, it’s acceptable. 

7. There is nothing better than homemade apple butter and jelly. Enough said. 

8. Walking barefoot is good for you. It will make you and your feet tough, MeMe would always say. If you don’t want to be ticklish, toughen up those soft feet. Plus, there is nothing better than walking barefoot on a hot summer day. 

9. Cold coffee is sometimes better than hot. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. Still get the flavor without having to worry about scorching your taste buds. 

10. Finally, always have fun and laugh a lot. Don’t take things too seriously. Dance around the living room listening to an old record player blaring Willie Nelson. Go skinny dipping in the middle of the day. Do whatever you have to do to make life enjoyable. After all, you only have one go at it. Make it worth it. 

So there you go. A lot of wise advice to take with you through your life. Just remember, my grandma is now 88 years old, and so far her advice has worked for her. 

Happy Birthday MeMe. You are always so much fun and oh so wise. 

The Tops of Topsail

Vacation came and went just like the tide. In fact, we are currently on the 10 hour drive back to Pennsylvania. Talk about a total bummer. 

It has been nearly 15 years since the last time we came down to this little piece of Heaven, and about three years since I’ve even been on vacation. So this week was truly blissful, and was definitely the R&R that I so desperately needed. 

I don’t remember much about coming to Topsail Island as a kid. Memories are there, but are very vague. As soon as we entered the island, a few flashbacks came back. They weren’t much, but they were enough to get me excited for the upcoming week. 

And while I only remembered a few things from our trips down here so many years ago, I was determined to make more memories – lasting ones. I was determined to take in all the sights, smells, tastes, and sounds of the island as an adult, to take back with me to good ole Pennsylvania. 

And I did just that. 

In fact, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite moments from the trip to share with all of you readers. So continue below to get a little glimpse into my paradise. 

1. The Fractured Prune – Only the best hand dipped, fresh doughnuts you could ever salivate over. The only two negatives I could conjure up was that we didn’t get another half dozen and we didn’t discover the little shop until the last day.

2. The Trailer Bar – Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A bar inside a trailer. To all the locals, it’s the hot spot. A place to go for cold drinks, good conversation, and live music. We are officially members of the establishment (after paying a whopping $1) and are excited to go back. I mean, how could you not love the trailer bar. It’s decor includes painted ceiling tiles and a toilet flower pot. And like they say, “it only looks expensive.”

3. The cute little girl in the ruffle butt swimsuit – Probably the cutest human being alive. She walked into the pool with a pink coverup, heart shaped sunglasses, a sun bonnet decorated with a little pink bow, and of course a pink over-the-shoulder purse filled with the only necessity you need, a baby doll bottle. She was such a diva – an adorable one. 

4. Watching the little kids and puppies discover the ocean for the first time- All filled with such joy and curiousity. They hesitated at first, getting their feet wet  and then jumping around at ankle deep level. But after just a little taste, they had no fear. They giggled and ran around without a care in the world, and were all very cute in the process. Especially the little boy who couldn’t stay on his feet for more than 20 seconds without his butt falling into the sand and water. It was quite comical, but at least he learned how to walk and swim in the same trip. 

5. The Deli Family- The strangest family on the beach, which somehow, we could never avoid. Oh, and if you didn’t already guess, they were obsessed with the local deli in town, which apparently served amazing food. We tried going to see what all the fuss was about, but sadly they were closed.  At least we got to live vicariously through them. Afterall, they only talked about the dang deli at least three times everyday! 

6. The Steeler Fans- And while there was the one strange deli family, there were many more normal people – you know, die hard Steeler fans. The Trailer Bar even had a painted ceiling tile dedicated to the Steelers. I told you, it was a great establishment. 

7. Seeing the critters of the sea- We indeed saw three dolphins on are second day. It was very exciting. And then we saw a sting ray swim right next to our feet. Yea, not as exciting. Luckily for us, our friend Ray didn’t harm us. Oh, and none of us got stung by a jellyfish, so I would say we were winners. 

8. Walks on the beach- The ones at night were very peaceful, watching the sun go down and the full moon emerge above the ocean. Then there was our three mile walk to the end of the island, where the ocean met the inlet. Water surrounding you on all sides. It was spectacular, and was one part from our trip many years ago that I remember, and is still one that I treasure, even more so now. 

9. Sweating to death while tanning– Yes, this sounds miserable. However, it’s not so miserable when you have an ocean to cool yourself off in. We said we weren’t going to swim in the ocean – there are jelly fish, we could get stuck in a current, salt water tastes bad, we might lose a limb in a shark attack. But after discovering that the luke-warm pool certainly wasn’t going to refresh us, we quickly changed our mind about the ocean part. It was so worth it, especially in the morning, when the water was calm and your body just went along with the waves. 

10. A self esteem boost– Starting off the week in a bikini, our confidence level was maybe at a two. We were pasty, afterall we are from Pennsylvania and we all work extremely hard inside away from the sun. We referred to ourselves as the Elmer Glue Clan. But as the days passed, our confidence level raised to a strong ten. We were a bunch of tan babes. With how tan we were, no one noticed that we ate doughnuts and an abundance of sea food.

 11. Not having to wear makeup or worry about hair products- I didn’t wear makeup a single day during the week, and to be honest, I don’t know how I will now. Like I said above, we went from Casper the Friendly Ghost to Baywatch Babes, so unfortunately, my makeup won’t match my new bronzed face. It was also nice to let my hair hang down in natural wave all week. Plus I did the Earth a solid by not wasting electrity blow drying my hair or straightening it. 

12. The many shopping sprees we went on- Thank you little beach shops for our hats. You helped savage our hairline burns, only slightly. And thank you to the cashier at the Tsunami shop. He knew us by name, after our sixth trip in the shop. I guess we thought they would have new inventory in everyday. They didnt. However, we somehow managed to buy something each time we ventured in. 

13. Having a game plan, but not really having a game plan- We always knew the basics. We are hungry, we want ice cream, let’s go shopping. But when we got in the actual car, we didn’t know which restaurant, what ice cream place, or which shops we wanted to go to. We often times led mom on an obstacle course. Many stops, turns, and turn arounds. We really struggled to get ourselves together, but I guess that’s okay, after all, we were living on island time. 

14. The Small Town Feel- The perfect beach experience. Not a lot of people and an uncrowded beach. Everyone knew everyone. It was endearing and reminded me of back home, except the ocean part. But really, I could see myself living there one day. Becoming a local and a regular at the Trailer Bar. 

15. The glorious view of the ocean- The saying holds true on this one: “last but certainly not least.” The ocean is beautiful, and is definitely a view I could never get tired of. I could watch it for hours. 

So I know you are all probably jealous that you didn’t get to vacation with us this year. Afterall, it was amazing. But like we did with the Deli Family, you can also do – live vicariously through this blog post. I know I will for the next year, until I return to good ole Topsail Island.

You’ve Always Been There Dad. 

You tell me the story about the time you and I fell down the stairs together. I was newly born, you were carrying me in your arms, you lost your footing on the top step, and we tumbled down the stairs fast. It was a lot of stairs, but you held onto me tight, sheltering my tiny body from any harm. I suffered no injuries, but your back is still messed up to this day. You never complain though. All you cared about was protecting me and keeping me safe. That’s all you’ve ever cared about in my 24 years of life. Protecting me.

Then I grew up a little – seven years to be exact, and it was the year that our family went through the scariest night of our lives. The night we lost our entire house to an F-4 tornado, while we were all huddled down in the corner of the basement covered with only blankets. I can still remember every thought, conversation, and sight from that night. I was only seven. It was terrifying. The memories still are for me. You were older and bigger, and I relied on you to keep me safe. You held on to me so tight that night. Even tighter than you did that time we fell down the steps together. You were scared too, terrified even, but you didn’t let that stand in the way of you protecting me.

Then I grew up a little more, and it became time to learn how to ride my bicycle. You were just as nervous as I was to take off my training wheels- But we finally did, hesitantly. You held onto the back of my bike and helped steer me in the right direction. You made sure I was sturdy and you made sure I felt comfortable enough before letting me go. I wobbled, I swerved, and I fell off the bike into your arms a few times. But your arms were always there beside me to catch me if I fell. You were there protecting me- again

Then I grew up even more and started to date. You hated the thought of me with any guy. You even joked about Brandi and I becoming nuns- however, I don’t think you were joking. You kind of minded your own business when it came to our relationships. I don’t think you wanted to hear about how your daughters held hands or even kissed a guy. You would leave that up to mom. But goodness gracious, if any of those boys ever broke our heart or made us cry, you were there in the middle of our business, hugging us, wiping away our tears, and telling us that ‘he wasn’t worth it anyway- he wasn’t near as good looking or as sweet as your dad.’ You were, and still are, the one man I can always count on. I know no matter what you will be there, with a shoulder for me to cry on, and of course, there protecting me. 

Many years have passed and many things have happened, both good and bad. But there has always been one thing that has remained the same. And that thing is the fact that you’ve been there. Through all these years, through all the good things and through all the bad things, you’ve been by my side protecting me. You’ve been by my side loving me. I know no matter what challenges I face in life, whether it be something minor like falling off my bike or something major like going through a tornado, you’ll always be there. I can count on that. I can count on you. I always know you’ll be nearby watching me, loving me, protecting me. 

Happy Fathers’ Day Dad. I’ll always be your little Spanky and most importantly, I’ll always love you.