Top Five Faves for your next Beach Trip

Hello everyone!

I know, I know – it's been a few hot minutes since Duke or I have posted anything. Forgive us, we have been on vacation. Then I had to come back to work, which was slightly painful – okay, a lot painful. The first day back to work after an amazing week off, is like ripping off  Band-Aid – painful, but you have to get it over quickly, or it will be even more excruciating.

Yes, I took a much needed and much deserved vacation, and it felt oh so good. I am already counting down the days until I go back next year. Only about 355 more to go. I think I can make it until then.

I went back to Topsail Island, North Carolina this year. I mean, you can't go wrong with its breathtaking views, delicious food and desserts, small town feel, and un-crowded beaches. Plus this year, we got to witness baby sea turtles going out to sea, so it was truly a great experience. One I can't wait to relive next year.

I felt like we had a lot more figured out this year when planning vacation.

We packed all the right gear, which helped the drive down and our time on the beach to be easy and relaxing.

So, I am going to share with you the Top Five Faves to bring on your next vacation:




The Portable Beach Mat Chair: Easy to carry. Easy to store. Has a pouch to put your towel in it to keep it dry, as well as provide you with a comfortable beach headrest. Lays on the sand like a towel, and can be propped up or placed down based on preference. Can be bought on Amazon for $40.






Large Utility Tote: Multiple side pockets to store water bottles, sun tan lotion, and water shoes in. Easy to clean material. Can be bought on Amazon, EBay, or through any 31 brand sellers you may know.






Thermal Lunch Bag: Great to keep sandwiches and drinks cold on the car ride to and from the beach. Also  keeps frozen water bottles cold while at the beach. Can be bought on Amazon, EBay, or through any 31 brand sellers you may know.





Avene SPF 50 Face Lotion: I was super excited to get this in my Summer Fab Fit Fun Box. Especially, since last year, my face and hairline were the first things to burn on my body. It is small and easy to carry and provides excellent protection without feeling oily on your skin. Can be worn every day under your makeup as a moisturizer too! Can be purchased on the Avene website for $30.




bkr BKR water Bottles: Makes hydrating cute and easy! All BKR water bottles are made from glass and come with a removable silicon cover. You will hydrate yourself in style at the beach. Small enough to make it easy to carry. And, because it is made of glass, it is healthier, reusable, and easy to clean. I got mine in my Summer Fab Fit Fun Box, but you can get them at


Well that is all for now folks. Happy Vacationing!


It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

Marlee and me woke up today to a dreary and wet morning. We barely wanted to move out from under the bed covers, let alone step outside in the miserable drizzle. I mean what is the point of even trying to make yourself look cute on a day like today?

However, Marlee and me have some tricks that will bring a little color and brightness into your rainy Tuesday morning. Instead of singing “rain, rain, go away,” you’ll be bursting out “it’s raining men,” or for people like me that don’t prefer for it to rain men, you’ll start singing “I’m walking on sunshine.” Change your tune on this dreary day and read the few tricks we offer on how to put a little pep in your step while walking in the rain. 

1.  Wear a cute coat. Make the wet and puddle covered pavement your runway. Break out your favorite trench coat. Showcase your inner Nancy Drew or Inspector Gadget. They are both totally hardcore. You’ll look like you’re solving an intense mystery while staying dry in the rain. If you don’t have a trench coat, no problem. Buy a rain jacket. I mean obviously they will keep you dry. They literally have the word rain in the name. Plus you can get some super cute rain coats at almost any department store. Even Walmart has some cute ones!   


2. Break out the adorable rain boots. You know you all have been dying to wear them. You searched high and low for the cutest, but most efficient ones to wear. There are so many patterns and styles to choose from. I’m sure most of you went rain boot crazy and bought more than one pair. I won’t judge you. I myself am begging Marlee and Zach to buy me blue rain boots from Pet Smart that have reflectors on them. I mean reflectors!! Do I even need to say anything else?! They are awesome, and they would make walking in the rain a whole lot better. Put on your cutest pair on skinny jeans and slap those rain boots right on. Now walk, or even jump through all the puddles. Go ahead; you know you want to.


3. Use your fancy umbrella. Big, small, polka dots, or stripes. There are so many to choose from. Make sure whatever one you pick adds a little color into the dreariness of the day. You’ll hope and pray for it to rain, just so you have an excuse to pop open that cute umbrella. Just don’t do it indoors. That is bad luck. Anyway, shield yourself from the drizzle in style. And remember, cover us dogs too. We can’t exactly hold our own umbrella. 



4. Remember color, color, color. It’s gross out there and slightly depressing. It just looks like a boring blob of grey. Be the art on the dreary canvas. Add some sunshine to the cloudy and grey sky. Brighten things up. People won’t be so grouchy and depressed if there is something colorful to look at. Be the reason people are happy on a rainy day.  



So, it’s raining. What are you going to do? Let the the dreary weather get you down, or take Marlee and I’s advice and embrace the rain?

Break out that bright coat, umbrella, and pair of boots and start chanting “rain, rain, don’t go away. Stay with me another day.”


Welcome November, You’re not so ‘Pawful’

November is finally here and there are so many things to rejoice about when it comes to this month!


I know many of you have the start of winter and snow blues. I mean you are soon going to have to start scraping ice off of your windshield and shoveling piles of snow off your driveway…. But anyway, I am not writing this blog post to depress you, so let’s get to the real point. Marlee and me have some things that will get you hyped up for November and the dreaded winter months ahead. Some things that make us wag our tails and shuffle our paws in utter excitement.

Read on to see what you have to look forward to.

Wearing sweaters, fashionable coats, cute boots, and blanket scarves. Be honest. You know you have been dying to wear all this since last winter ended. I know I haven’t been able to take off my white boots at all this summer. They were just too cute to part with. Now I am free to wear them without any judgment. And I am finally able to put on my nice winter coat. It’s silky, smooth, and makes all the girls come running (shh…don’t tell my mom). Anyway, I am sure you have been hitting all the online stores purchasing the newest and cutest knitted sweaters, plaid blanket scarves, and leather jackets to wear with your military or fabric fold over boots. You have been preparing for this time of year since July. So be excited for November, because you are about to look b-e-a-utiful!

      imagesI0ZG82YO   imagesDQ2SAI6N  12079619_1627707470852372_4723670741157257145_n

Playing in the snowYou know you are all excited for your inner kid to come out. It’s the time of year when snowball fights, sled riding, snowboarding and skiing, and making snow angels become the best way to pass the time. You can’t wait to run around outside with your arms flailing in the air, as you catch the perfect snowflake on your tongue. And for all you school kids, the snow brings potential snow days. We all know those are the best! Personally, I enjoy painting the snow yellow. I am not sure everyone enjoys my yellow masterpieces, but they sure make me grin.

Food, food, and did I say food. Swimsuit season is long gone and you are able to add a few extra pounds under the sweaters. So I say, why not stuff your face with all you can. After all, November is the month of Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and of course pies! Apple pies, blueberry pies, and pumpkin pies…oh my! Where do you even begin. Or how about those amazing pumpkin rolls your mother makes or the sugar cookies your grandma shovels down your throat. How do you say no to all of that? My answer is, you don’t! Say yes, yes and of course yes. You can start hitting the gym or taking longer walks once April rolls around.

        images8NJUDT0U untitled

The holidays are just around the corner. The radio is starting to play your favorite Christmas jams, the stores are stocking up for Black Friday shoppers, and Hallmark is already starting their countdown to Christmas movie specials. How does this not sounds amazing?! Boy, is it a good time to be alive! Soon enough, your family will be breaking out the Christmas tree and decorations. There is nothing better than a house full of Christmas charm! Plus, you are days closer to seeing your extended family. I know “most” of you cannot wait to see them, unless of course you have relatives like the Griswolds. Then you want them to stay far, far away. Anyway, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and of course New Years are back to back to back, and they are all grand! Food, presents, and celebration. Woohoo!

    imagesV2VJXZA8 untitled

Warm drinks and warm hearts. Hot chocolate, cappuccino, and the holiday latte flavors from Starbucks. How are your taste buds not doing a little jig right now?! All this chocolaty warmness is good for the body, soul, and mind. Well, it is probably not too good for the body, but we will let it slide for a few months. Plus the winter months and holidays bring out the best in everyone. I mean even the Grinch and Scrooge grew a heart during this time of year. Everyone is in the giving spirit and everyone is jolly. Be eager to pass the joy and happiness of this season along to everyone! Let your heart grow two sizes too big and get ready to sing with all your midget, I mean ‘Who’ friends, around the Christmas tree.

      images8QKT8Q3P   untitled

After reading all that, how can you not be jumping for joy?! Go ahead, jump. No one will judge you.

It’s finally November and Marlee and I could not be more excited. I hope your mind changed a little too.

Remember, eat a lot, cover up the pounds with cute sweaters and scarves, work off the pie by making the perfect snowball or snowman, let your heart grow by giving a little, and did I say eat a lot?!?

It’s November! Yay!

Million Dollar Style at ‘Furtastic’ Prices! 

Fashion. Fashion. Fashion.

It’s a popular topic on everyones’ minds. From the celebrities in Hollywood to the hard working, middle class ladies. Everyone wants to look good. Everyone wants to look hot. And everyone wants to look like a million bucks, but at a reasonable cost.

Of course, if you’re not Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift, you are probably looking for some fantastic deals to help save a pretty penny. After all, you can’t really afford a cashmere sweater or that $500 pair of shoes if you are also struggling to pay college loans, a car payment, or gas.

So with your budget in mind, Marlee and me have some stores and online websites you can visit that have incredible deals. You will look cute, sophisticated, and even like a million bucks without breaking the bank.

1. Forever 21 – A great place to shop online. Marlee buys all of her winter, work sweaters and shoes online at their website. Most of the clothes are 20 dollars or less and many times they offer free shipping. On special weekends, they even offer buy one get one free deals. You can’t beat that! They offer casual clothes, work clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry all at fantastic prices. You will look like a sophisticated and hard working lady for less than 20 bucks. You can even complete a full outfit for 50 dollars!

2. The Limited- A perfect place to purchase all your work attire. They mostly focus on helping the hard working female look sexy as well as sophisticated. They have a department store in most malls as well as a website. Like Forever 21, they offer clothes at cheaper prices for good quality. They offer specials at least once a week. Either buy one get one half off or 50 percent off your purchase. They sometimes offer 80 percent off deals with free shipping. I mean you can’t beat that! Marlee always looks put together when going to work wearing these clothes. Most of her work pants and blouses come from this store.

3. New York and Company- Another great place to buy your work clothes for incredible deals. They even have a store in most malls. I mean if the Uniontown Mall has this store, then all the other malls most likely will as well. Most of the deals and specials are the same as what The Limited offers. Marlee buys most of her work sweaters from this store and she looks fly and professional.

4. Kohls- The best place to buy casual clothing and work clothing at the best prices. They offer shoes and purses at great prices as well. They carry many celebrity clothing lines, including Avril Lavigne and Lauren Conrad. They even carry the famous Candies line which is promoted by celebrities like Hilary Duff, Brittany Spears, and Vanessa Hudgens. You can literally look like a high fashion celebrity without hurting your tight budget. There is a store located in most cities around your area.

5. Target- The store with about everything you could ever imagine. The one near Marlee and I even includes a Starbucks. You can literally shop for cheap deals while drinking your favorite “white girl” latte. Marlee buys casual clothing and even can purchase her infamous Left Shark Halloween costume all in the same store. She also gets a lot of cute, fashionable, and cheap jewelry here.

6. Burlington Coat Factory- A great place to shop for the best deals for both men and women. They even offer cute clothes for children. This is a fantastic place to purchase coats at reasonable prices. Afterall, the word ‘coat’ is in the name. Again, they carry casual clothing, work clothing, and shoes all at great prices. And everything is way cute (cue valley gir hip pose).

7. TJ Max, Marshalls, and Ross- Three in the same. All cheap with good quality clothes. They offer high end fashion and celebrity lines at low prices. You will look like a million bucks for less than 50 bucks. Take that Kim Kardashian! We are hotter than you and didn’t spend nearly as much as you.

So get your credit card out and prepare to save and save big! You will look hot, sophisticated and totally professional without breaking the bank. You can still afford to pay all those dreaded bills, while still making yourself look like a million bucks.

Go ahead. Feel free to splurge.