Welcome to Barkmouth University

Okay, so before you all yell at me for being M.I.A for a little over two weeks, please let me explain my absence. I have been keeping this under wraps for a little while, because I didn’t know how I would like it or if I would even stick with it. However, it has been about a month, and I am loving it, so I am ready to share with the world my secret – the reason I have been quiet for a little while.

Well folks, here it goes…

I enrolled in college.

I know, I know. A dog in college! That makes absolutely no sense. Well either does a dog writing a blog, but you see that is happening.


I sent in my application to Barkmouth University, the canine version to the Ivy League Darmouth University. It was a long shot, but I finally got the acceptance letter. They said they were highly impressed with my personal writing on my blog. So I decided to start in the four year Journalism program.



So far college has been pretty great. Well there are some aspects that kind of suck, but overall, I am loving the experience.


I’ve officially started hitting the bar scene. Tasted my first Grey Goose shot. You know how I feel about birds. Let’s just say, I am hooked. Plus it is a great place to pick up babes. I had three walk up to me the other night.





I have also learned that 8 o’ clock classes suck. Especially mornings after I have had a few too many Grey Gooses. I don’t know why I decided to take a Chemistry class that dang early. I blame my advisor.






As far as classes go, I am knocking out a few of my Gen Ed classes. Those are the worst. Like why are you required to take random classes that have absolutely nothing to do with your degree. Oh well, rant is short and is now over.

My first course is Philosophy. My mom said she took one of these in college and it turned her brain to mush. So looks like I have a lot to look forward to. I thought college was supposed to strengthen the brain, not ruin it.

I am also taking Performing Arts. Dad always says I am overdramatic, so I should not have any problem acing this class. Main subject of study is the art of begging, so I know I already have that down. Just ask the piece of pizza currently digesting in my belly.

Finally, I am diving in to some Chemistry. Apparently, it has nothing to do with how much a girl is in to you. So that kind of stinks. However, we are mainly focusing on Advanced Gas Passing. So that kind of stinks too – literally this time.

I can also choose an extra-furricular activity to do in my spare time. I may go with Anatomy, because I hear you get to dissect some small animals. I am hoping it will be birds, seeing as how I have already dissected a few of those myself. Maybe I will start off with some bonus points for how many I have already examined. I would be up to about five extra points already.

So yea, the next few months are going to be long and stressful, but I am ready to kick some major tail!

I will do my best to keep you updated on the many adventures that come along with college, but please be patient with me, after all, I did just discover Grey Goose.




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