Till I See You Again

And just like that, you took your last breath, as everyone you loved, pulled you close to them. You were in no more pain. You had no more discomfort. You were at peace…

Losing a pet is on the top three list of hardest things that a person can go through. Sure, it’s not as traumatizing as losing a human member of the family, but it can still shatter a heart.

No, they are not human. I understand this. But, they are still a major part of your world. One of the loves of your life. You made memories with them over the years. You spoiled them like a human child. You held on to them for comfort when times became hard or sad. They were family.

It is never easy saying goodbye to an animal who you loved. In that moment, all the memories come flooding back, and you come to the realization, that as of that instant, there will be no more memories created with that being in this lifetime. You will not see them again, while you are still on this Earth. There will be no more tail wags as you walk through the door. No more slobbery kisses to wake you up in the morning. No more cuddles that help put you to sleep. For the rest of your worldly life, they will be gone.

But make no mistake, you will see them again.

They are waiting for you in that beautiful place, and as soon as you walk through the doors leading into eternity, they will be there, wagging their tails. And the best part is, you never have to say goodbye to them again. They will forever be by your side.

Just like you spent days preparing for the first day that your pet would come home to you. Buying them toys, treats, food, beds, etc., they are doing the same for you in Heaven.

They are keeping your side of the bed warm, because they know how much you like that. They are making sure that everything at home is perfect, for when you arrive.

Right now, I know the pain is unbearable. Your heart is broken, and your eyes have not yet stopped crying. Your pet, your love, your family member, has left you behind.

But, I promise, it is only for a little while. You will see them again. And those slobbery kisses, will be just as great, if not better, than what you remember.

…You were at peace. I kissed your soft head, and whispered in your ear, ‘Till I see you again.’





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