Stressed, Blessed, and Dog Obsessed

Awhile back, I wrote a blog post talking about the differences between being a dog lover and dog owner. Remember that one? If not, click here to read up.

Anyway, I went from being a dog lover, to being a dog owner, to now being dog obsessed. I know I am not the only dog obsessed dog owner out there, so don’t judge me. And if you’re not sure if you have crossed the line into dog obsessed territory, well I will lay a few examples out there for comparison. So after reading through the list below, I know many of you will most likely shake your head silently in agreement. Don’t worry, you don’t have to admit out loud that you are as dog crazy as I am. Although, I am sure people already can tell.

How to tell if your dog obsessed:

  1. If you catch yourself holding full conversations with your dog. I do this pretty much everyday. But I figure, it’s better than talking to yourself. Quite frankly, it’s better than talking to most humans. They are great listeners, and rarely ever talk back.
  2. If you spend a great deal of time snapping pictures of your canine friend, waiting to capture the perfect shot to share. A great deal of my camera roll is taken up by pictures of Duke. But hey, when I am away at work and start to miss him, I always have cute pictures to ‘oohhh’ and ‘ahhh’ at, and of course show to other people, while proclaiming how my dog is the cutest creature in the world.
  3. If you have an Instagram account for your dog. After all, your own Instagram account, where every other picture is already your dog, is simply not enough. Plus you have to get your canine out in the social media world meeting new animals. Trust me, there are thousands of dog Instagram accounts, so don’t feel bad.
  4. If the only stuff people tag you in on Facebook are dog related. I figure, with all the political crap and negativity drifting around out there, everyone can use a little dog cuteness on their newsfeed. So keep the dog posts coming.
  5. If you budget $30 every month, just to ensure you have enough money for your dog’s monthly Bark Box. But hey, it’s not only fun for your dog, but it is also something exciting for you to look forward to.
  6. If you bring your dog up in conversation at least twice a day. Because what else do you have to talk about that is as important as your dog? Exactly…NOTHING!
  7. If you refer to your dog as your “furry child.” Nothing wrong with that. They are a vital member of the family.
  8. If you feel slight guilt every time you leave your dog for work or to go out to dinner. After all, you are their source of happiness, so when you’re gone, they are just sad, lonely, and depressed. So try not to spend too much time out on the town.
  9. If you own cell phone cases, coffee travel mugs, blankets, portraits, or apparel with your dog showcased on it. Hold on, before we start to judge me, I do not have all the stuff listed above – only some. But hey, it can be good conversation starters.
  10. If you are most content just chilling on the couch all day with your dog, while sharing a bowl of Velveeta or plate of French Fries. After all, nothing bad can happen and your day can’t go sour if you are just curled up, loving your fluffy companion all day.
  11. And the final one of this post : If you spend time during  your day writing a blog post on a dog blog explaining to the world why you are dog obsessed. Ummm….guilty.

So I am sure there are other points that can be included on this list, but I don’t have all that time to spend writing them. I gave you a good starting point. If there are any I missed, that you would like to share, please comment below.

But right now I am going to have to say goodbye. I have a dog to pay attention to.


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