Six More.

Today was the day that many have been anticipating since winter rolled in. The day when that notorious groundhog would emerge from his hole, and hopefully deliver the good news that spring would be coming early.

Well, the groundhog came out of his hole, but the outcome wasn’t what everyone was hoping for. The outcome – six more weeks of winter.

I know, I know. A lot of you are bummed, angry, frustrated, annoyed, and all those other sucky emotion describing words that can be found in the Webster. I’ve even heard one man bellow that they should have picked another animal from the beginning of this whole charade to deliver the weather. Unfortunately, many years have passed, and the groundhog has become a household name, so there is no changing it now. We just have to suck it up and deal with it.

But hey, come on. Winter isn’t that bad. In fact, I can think of a few reasons why six more weeks isn’t such a bad thing. If you haven’t already stopped reading this from your first paragraph disgust, then continue below. Maybe it will help you get through the next month and a half of this season.

  1. More winter made memories with the family. Six more weeks of sled riding, snow angel creating, hot chocolate story telling time around the fire, and holiday movie watching. To me, winter is the most beautiful season of the year, because of how much it brings the family together. Only partly because giant snow storms come and keep you all stuck at the house. But really, who doesn’t love all the quality time this season brings you. Think of how many great moments you will get to share with your loved ones in the next six weeks.
  2. More breathtaking Instagram pictures. I know you are all obsessed with social media. And what is better than posting a pretty picture of the snow covering the trees or blanketing the ground. You all do it. My Instagram and Facebook have been bombarded by winter pictures, so I know you all love it. Don’t deny it. Just think, you have six more weeks of posting those pictures for the internet world to see.
  3. More time to wear the cute and stylish winter apparel. Keep those boots, blanket scarves, and cozy baggy sweaters out for six more weeks. Yay, you are going to be styling and profiling. There is no other season where you look as great as you do in winter, so embrace it. Because once spring and summer roll in, you’ll be whining about wanting to wear those boots and scarves again.
  4. More snow days. Did someone say snow days? Yep, I sure did. You know all you teachers and students love that two word phrase. You live for them. Well, now you have six more weeks of potential snow days. So maybe you should be saying “alleluia,”instead of “dumb groundhog.”
  5. More time to sip down your favorite winter latte flavors. All you white girls out there, can I get a ‘wooot – woooot!’ I know this is amazing, praise worthy news to hear. Six more weeks to visit Starbucks or Dunkin’ Doughnuts everyday to indulge in your favorite drink. Warms the heart, soul, and mind. Yummmm, winter you taste good.
  6. More time for all you skiers and snowboarders to shred some major snow. After all, there hasn’t been a whole lot of snow to shred so far this winter, so maybe now, is your time.
  7. More time to sing your Christmas is over blues. Face it. Many of you aren’t over the fact that Christmas has came and went already. I know some people are in serious denial, and still even have the tree and lights up. Well, keep them decorations up. You can still be in denial for six more weeks. As long as the snow is falling and the temperature it dropping, I say, it’s still technically holiday season.

So, I just supplied you all with a few reasons why winter sticking around isn’t so terrible. Now maybe, you guys will all decide that the groundhog deserves to live – at least for now.

Winter, six more weeks of you, actually sounds pretty fantastic.



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