I Will be Your Hero Baby

All dogs start out in this world the way all humans begin – as babies. Playful, curious to the surroundings, open-minded babies. 

All they want and need is attention, love, protection and guidance. Most puppies get this. After all, they are like every other shiny and new thing. They excite people and they are cute to look at. Even though they chew too much, whine a little excessively, and sometimes are just a plain old pain in the butt, people love them. That is until the puppy in them starts to disappear. 

Like all human babies, puppies to grow up. The playfulness slows down and they start to show their years in the face, the fur, and the body. They are still a lot of work, just like when they were puppies, but people are less excited about caring for them. What was once shiny and new, is now aged and worn down. They take a lot more money and time, and some people lose the patience for it. 

That is why many adult dogs end up in shelters, and also why many of these dogs, never find a forever home and family. 

They are dropped off by families that were tired of caring for them or taken away and brought in by people protecting them from families that didn’t treat them right. Either way, it is sad. 

They are put into cages beside other dogs who were forgotten about, and they all just wait for the day when someone with a big heart, who is willing to love a dog that is no longer shiny and new, comes along. 

Some dogs eventually find this kind of human, this kind of family. Some dogs, luck out, and find someone like Marlee. Someone who unconditionally loves them, protects them, and cares for them for the rest of their lives. They aren’t inconveniences to these kind of people. In fact, they are blessings, answers to prayers, an important part of the family. 

However, some of the dogs in those cages at the shelters, never find that special human or family. They just spend the rest of their lives locked in a cage, next to dogs that keep coming and going. These dogs are lonely and sad. They will eventually leave this world, never experiencing the unconditional love that others get to have.

 How heart wrenching is that to think about. Creatures who were put on this earth to show people God-like love and bring joy to humans, die alone, feeling unwanted and unloved. They never get to live out their purpose. 

I know, that dogs are sometimes complicated to care for. I know that once they grow up a little, they become a little less exciting. But I also know that no human will ever find a love that true in any other thing in the World. 

There are so many shelter dogs, sitting in cages right now, just waiting for their forever family or human to walk through and rescue them. Don’t allow some to sit in a cage, and never experience a real family. Go out and adopt a dog today, or encourage people you know to take the plunge. 

You won’t only be rescuing them, but trust me, they will also be rescuing you. 

I chose the above photo to be featured on this post, because these humans have made me the happiest dog in the world. I was taken into a shelter, never knowing if I would find that forever family. After all, I was an older and bigger dog. But one day I met this gentle human, Marlee, and ever since then, I have been jumping into her arms with tail wags, kisses, and unconditional love. 


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