5 Pawsome Gifts for the Dog Lover in your Life. 

We are only 12 days away from Christmas everyone! 

That was such an exciting opening statement. Of course, for some of you, it may have put you in panic mode. Because some of you, and you know who you are, have not finished your Christmas shopping. Time is running out folks! 

Lucky you for, Duke and I have compiled a list of perfect gifts for the dog lover in your life, because let’s face it, those are the only people that matter. Just kidding, but they definitely are the most difficult to shop for. But fret no more, because we got your back this holiday season. 

  1. The Friendship Collar. Yes everyone, this is now a thing. You can match a dog collar with a human bracelet, and they are actually stylish! There are many different collections and styles to choose from. You can even buy a matching leash. Just click here to find the perfect Friendship Collar for that dog lover in your life. And because it’s the holidays, they are offering 10 percent off! 
  2. Stemless Wine Glass Set. I mean come on, how cute are these. They make the perfect gift for a dog lover. Throw in their favorite bottle of wine, and you’ll be their favorite gift giver of the holiday. They come in a set of four. Just click here to start ordering. 
  3. Personalized and Stylish Pillow. Because who wouldn’t want this adorable accessory on their couch. You can customize the name and the description list. Buy more than one, to make a set, if they have more than one canine friend. It’s cute, comfy, and functional. Plus, you can get it here for a killer price! 
  4. A Car Hammock. Trust me, the dog lover in your life will continuously thank you for this gift. This wonderful creation will help keep a dog safe in the car, while also protecting the seats from the constant fur shedding and sharp claws. Both the human and dog will smile with this gift. You can find these at pretty much any store: PetSmart, Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, or online at the EBay, Amazon, or Orvis websites. 
  5. BarkBox. Because this is the gift that keeps on giving, and it’s Duke and I’s favorite of them all. You can now do a gift subscription plan for that special dog lover in your life. You can do anything from one month, to six months, to a full year. Each month, a themed box of toys, treats, and other goodies will be delivered right to the door. Click here to pick the subscription plan and to get started! 

So I hope we helped all you procrastinators out a little bit for this holiday season. All of these will for sure put a huge smile on the face of your favorite dog lover this year. 

    Now it’s time to get to shopping, after all, it’s almost Christmas Day! 


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