We Got Roasted 

We got roasted yesterday. 

No, I’m not talking about Justin Beieber roasted. I’m talking about how we stuffed our faces with two and a half pounds of pot roast slow cooked in the crock pot. I’m not speaking for any of you, but I think our idea of getting roasted is slightly more enjoyable than what Justin Bieber had to go through. 

I definitely love days off. It’s the two days a week that I actually feel domesticated. I spend those two days doing laundry, dusting and sweeping the house, binge watching Netflix (hey, I have to have some guilty pleasures) and lately making something delicious in the slow cooker for dinner. And surprisingly, the food I have made in the crock pot has been yummy. Look at me – I’m just growing up so fast *cue the sentimental tears*. 

Remember the last concoction I whipped up? The Not Your MaMa’s Chili? Well if you don’t, you can click on this link to read up on that. 

But this time, I stayed a little more tradional with my pot roast. I followed my mom’s recipe to a tee, and that is why, I will call this crock pot dish: This is Your MaMa’s Pot Roast. 

Follow the steps below, and trust me, your taste buds will do a happy jig. 

{What You’ll Need} 2.5 pounds of beef roast – 2 envelope packets of ranch dressing powder – 2 envelope packets of brown gravy mix – 1 envelope packet of Italian dressing power – 5 to 6 red potatoes – 1 bag of baby carrots – 1 onion 

*Picture above was at the beginning of the 8 hours*

{Let’s Roast It} First, you will put the beef roast in the crock pot. From there you will surround it with the full bag of baby carrots and the 5 to 6 red potatoes each cut into fours. You will then pour in the 2 packets of ranch dressing powder, the 2 packets of brown gravy mix, and the 1 packet of Italian dressing powder, and follow that up with a 2 cup of water chaser. This will form the juice/ gravy that will help the roast soak up all the flavor – yumm! Finally, you will cut the full onion in half, and will place one half on the left side of the beef roast and the other half on the right side. Place the lid on top, and let all those flavors simmer on high for 8 hours. 

*Half way through*

When 5:30 rolled around, I was more than excited to soak my fangs into the pot roast. I mean I spent all day with my nose soaking up the delicious flavors that were teasing me. When I took the first bite, I was more than pleasantly surprised. In fact, I shouted out to Zach, “This is good. I mean, it’s like really good. I am so proud of myself.” Even though he didn’t say those exact words, he did have three helpings, so I think it’s safe to say, he enjoyed it as much as me. And don’t worry everyone, Duke did get a taste of it too. He liked it so much, he licked both of our plates completely spotless. 

*Finally complete*

The best part is, we still have left overs! So tonight, we are going to make ourselves some hot roast beef sandwiches with some mashed potaters. It’s going to be amazing! And yes, you all are invited. We have plenty! 


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