If You Give a Dog Some Pizza Crust…

If you give a dog some pizza crust (From Dominos), he’s going to ask for a glass of Coke. 

When you give him the Coke, he’ll probably end up in a burping fit. 

When he’s done burping, he’ll probably start farting from all that cheese (he’s lactose intolerant). 

Then he’ll want to go outside to make sure he doesn’t go to the bathroom in the house. 

When he goes outside, he’ll probably notice the bunny sitting by the tree (he always does).

So he’ll probably rip your arm off trying to eat the bunny (tastes like chicken).

When he’s done trying to get the bunny, he’ll probably be huffing and puffing from choking himself to death. 

Then he might get so carried away, that he’ll end up up-chucking in the yard.

When he’s done with that, he’ll probably want to go back inside. 

You’ll have to make sure his bowl of water is filled to the brim with Brita Water. 

He’ll walk to the bowl, lap up the water, and put a puddle smack dab in the middle of the floor. 

Then he’ll probably grab his toy and force you to play. 

So you’ll play with him (and nearly die from slipping on the water). 

And he’ll get overly excited and probably run out of steam.

He’ll pass out on the living room floor. 

When he falls asleep on the floor, he’ll end up spreading his legs. 

Then he’ll probably start having dreams of the bunny from outside. 

Which means, his legs will start kicking in his sleep. 

The speed from his running legs, will probably end up waking him up. 

He’ll get up and think “man am I thirsty.”

So he’ll ask for some more Coke.

And chances are….

If he asks for a glass of Coke, he’s going to want more pizza crust. 

** All based on true event. **


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