To One Year and Beyond

Today, I am celebrating a big anniversary everyone! I’m talking HUGE!!

Today I am celebrating one year with my blog. 

I began this journey one year ago, unsure of what would come out of it. Would people read it? Would I keep up with it? Would it actually be something that I would enjoy? These doubts consumed my mind.

 Finally, after 365 days, I can say every doubt or question I had about this blogging journey has faded. This blog became my escape – my happy place, and for many of my readers, because yes, I did gain a large support base over this year, it became a happy place for them as well. A place we could all laugh together, smile together, and sometimes even cry together. I thank you all for reading Duke and I’s many rantings. I mean who does that – who writes a dog blog? Well my weird self does, but that’s because I knew it would bring me joy as well as all of you. 

I’ve had a lot of blessings and joys this year. Most of which were shared with all of you. I’ve also experienced heartbreak and sadness. But no matter what experience I was going through or emotion I was feeling, I knew I had a safe place to talk about it all. Channel my feelings into something that was worthwhile. Something that I could reflect on and learn from. 

I’ve had so much fun this year getting to create something unique and special. I’ve enjoyed allowing all of you to get a glimpse inside the thoughts and feelings of a canine, who has proved to be intellectual, witty, smooth, and of course humorous. Many people have told me that I made Duke become humanlike. And that’s because this blog gifted me with the outlet to be different, creative, and unique. For that, I will be forever grateful. 

So I am honored to say that I have made it to that big one year mark, and I am excited to say that this journey is not over. I am looking forward to sharing many more experiences, life lessons, and of course just down right corny and ridiculous dog blog posts with all of you. It can only get better. 

Please stick by Duke and I for another year. We promise to not disappoint. And we thank each and every one of you for laughing with us, smiling with us, crying with us, and farting with us (sorry, Duke interjected there). 

Anyway, let’s continue this journey together. There is so much more life to live and of course blog about! 


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