The Tops of Topsail

Vacation came and went just like the tide. In fact, we are currently on the 10 hour drive back to Pennsylvania. Talk about a total bummer. 

It has been nearly 15 years since the last time we came down to this little piece of Heaven, and about three years since I’ve even been on vacation. So this week was truly blissful, and was definitely the R&R that I so desperately needed. 

I don’t remember much about coming to Topsail Island as a kid. Memories are there, but are very vague. As soon as we entered the island, a few flashbacks came back. They weren’t much, but they were enough to get me excited for the upcoming week. 

And while I only remembered a few things from our trips down here so many years ago, I was determined to make more memories – lasting ones. I was determined to take in all the sights, smells, tastes, and sounds of the island as an adult, to take back with me to good ole Pennsylvania. 

And I did just that. 

In fact, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite moments from the trip to share with all of you readers. So continue below to get a little glimpse into my paradise. 

1. The Fractured Prune – Only the best hand dipped, fresh doughnuts you could ever salivate over. The only two negatives I could conjure up was that we didn’t get another half dozen and we didn’t discover the little shop until the last day.

2. The Trailer Bar – Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A bar inside a trailer. To all the locals, it’s the hot spot. A place to go for cold drinks, good conversation, and live music. We are officially members of the establishment (after paying a whopping $1) and are excited to go back. I mean, how could you not love the trailer bar. It’s decor includes painted ceiling tiles and a toilet flower pot. And like they say, “it only looks expensive.”

3. The cute little girl in the ruffle butt swimsuit – Probably the cutest human being alive. She walked into the pool with a pink coverup, heart shaped sunglasses, a sun bonnet decorated with a little pink bow, and of course a pink over-the-shoulder purse filled with the only necessity you need, a baby doll bottle. She was such a diva – an adorable one. 

4. Watching the little kids and puppies discover the ocean for the first time- All filled with such joy and curiousity. They hesitated at first, getting their feet wet  and then jumping around at ankle deep level. But after just a little taste, they had no fear. They giggled and ran around without a care in the world, and were all very cute in the process. Especially the little boy who couldn’t stay on his feet for more than 20 seconds without his butt falling into the sand and water. It was quite comical, but at least he learned how to walk and swim in the same trip. 

5. The Deli Family- The strangest family on the beach, which somehow, we could never avoid. Oh, and if you didn’t already guess, they were obsessed with the local deli in town, which apparently served amazing food. We tried going to see what all the fuss was about, but sadly they were closed.  At least we got to live vicariously through them. Afterall, they only talked about the dang deli at least three times everyday! 

6. The Steeler Fans- And while there was the one strange deli family, there were many more normal people – you know, die hard Steeler fans. The Trailer Bar even had a painted ceiling tile dedicated to the Steelers. I told you, it was a great establishment. 

7. Seeing the critters of the sea- We indeed saw three dolphins on are second day. It was very exciting. And then we saw a sting ray swim right next to our feet. Yea, not as exciting. Luckily for us, our friend Ray didn’t harm us. Oh, and none of us got stung by a jellyfish, so I would say we were winners. 

8. Walks on the beach- The ones at night were very peaceful, watching the sun go down and the full moon emerge above the ocean. Then there was our three mile walk to the end of the island, where the ocean met the inlet. Water surrounding you on all sides. It was spectacular, and was one part from our trip many years ago that I remember, and is still one that I treasure, even more so now. 

9. Sweating to death while tanning– Yes, this sounds miserable. However, it’s not so miserable when you have an ocean to cool yourself off in. We said we weren’t going to swim in the ocean – there are jelly fish, we could get stuck in a current, salt water tastes bad, we might lose a limb in a shark attack. But after discovering that the luke-warm pool certainly wasn’t going to refresh us, we quickly changed our mind about the ocean part. It was so worth it, especially in the morning, when the water was calm and your body just went along with the waves. 

10. A self esteem boost– Starting off the week in a bikini, our confidence level was maybe at a two. We were pasty, afterall we are from Pennsylvania and we all work extremely hard inside away from the sun. We referred to ourselves as the Elmer Glue Clan. But as the days passed, our confidence level raised to a strong ten. We were a bunch of tan babes. With how tan we were, no one noticed that we ate doughnuts and an abundance of sea food.

 11. Not having to wear makeup or worry about hair products- I didn’t wear makeup a single day during the week, and to be honest, I don’t know how I will now. Like I said above, we went from Casper the Friendly Ghost to Baywatch Babes, so unfortunately, my makeup won’t match my new bronzed face. It was also nice to let my hair hang down in natural wave all week. Plus I did the Earth a solid by not wasting electrity blow drying my hair or straightening it. 

12. The many shopping sprees we went on- Thank you little beach shops for our hats. You helped savage our hairline burns, only slightly. And thank you to the cashier at the Tsunami shop. He knew us by name, after our sixth trip in the shop. I guess we thought they would have new inventory in everyday. They didnt. However, we somehow managed to buy something each time we ventured in. 

13. Having a game plan, but not really having a game plan- We always knew the basics. We are hungry, we want ice cream, let’s go shopping. But when we got in the actual car, we didn’t know which restaurant, what ice cream place, or which shops we wanted to go to. We often times led mom on an obstacle course. Many stops, turns, and turn arounds. We really struggled to get ourselves together, but I guess that’s okay, after all, we were living on island time. 

14. The Small Town Feel- The perfect beach experience. Not a lot of people and an uncrowded beach. Everyone knew everyone. It was endearing and reminded me of back home, except the ocean part. But really, I could see myself living there one day. Becoming a local and a regular at the Trailer Bar. 

15. The glorious view of the ocean- The saying holds true on this one: “last but certainly not least.” The ocean is beautiful, and is definitely a view I could never get tired of. I could watch it for hours. 

So I know you are all probably jealous that you didn’t get to vacation with us this year. Afterall, it was amazing. But like we did with the Deli Family, you can also do – live vicariously through this blog post. I know I will for the next year, until I return to good ole Topsail Island.


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