The ‘Mutts’ of Mountain Cuisine

Things got a little more tasty in the mountains last night.

Swimming turned into a fire which turned into creating the perfect Mountain cuisine known to all us Mountain people as Mountain pies. And if you’re not Mountain people and you’ve never had the privilege of salivating over such a delicious creation made over an open fire, than I’m sorry for your unfortunate. 

But have no fear – I’m bringing a little piece of Mountain heaven to your bellies tonight. So grab some folding chairs, a few close friends, and get ready to make the perfect Mountain Pies. 

First off, you need to know, that with Mountain Pies, the possibilities are endless. You can make breakfast ones, dinner ones, and even dessert ones. The three ingredients that stay common through all of these are Mountain Pie irons (which you can buy at Walmart), a loaf of bread, and Pam. 

But than things can get crazy! Are you ready – you better be – because you’re about to be blown off that folding chair you have stationed around that perfect summer fire. 


The Breakfast Club Mountain Pie 

After the Mountain Pie irons have heated up a little in the fire, spray them with Pam. Place a piece of bread on one side of the iron and the other piece on the other side. Now, you’re ready for your ingredients. You can really choose anything you are craving – it will all taste good. I recommend using two slices of American cheese, a sausage patty, some bacon, a little ham, or a combo of all the meats, and finally, a pre made egg patty. After you have all the ingredients placed on the bread to make the perfect Breakfast Mountain Pie, close the irons, and cook on each side for about a minute on the open fire. Now you’re ready – Yumm. 

The Original Pizza Mountain Pie

This is the most common, and in my opinion, the most delicious Mountain Pie of them all. Repeat all the steps listed above, but instead, replace the breakfast ingredients with pizza ingredients. Smother the bread in pizza sauce, make sure to use extra cheese, and then top it with pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, green peppers – really, anything you love on an ordinary pizza. Now place it in the fire – your belly is going to be really happy. 

The Buff Chick Mountain Pie

This is a creation we tried last evening. Again, repeat all the steps as before, but cover the bread with your favorite brand of hot sauce, put some pre-cooked chicken on top of the bread, and of course sprinkle some cheese on there. Cook it in the fire, and remember to drizzle some ranch on top when it comes out. Also, you can replace the buffalo sauce with any sauce you enjoy on your chicken – BBQ or Ranch.

The Chicken Parm Mountain Pie

My mouth is watering just thinking about this one. Repeat the steps, then use pizza sauce for the bread spread, add some pre-made chicken pieces, and then blanket it with cheese and of course your favorite toppings. I enjoy onions, green peppers, and mushrooms on mine. Finally, place it on the open fire, and get ready for your stomach to be completely satisfied.

The Dessert Pie Mountain Pie

If you have a sweet tooth, you will love these. These are so simple too. Place the bread on the pie irons, drizzle a little cream cheese icing on each slice, and then fill it up with your favorite pie filling. My top choices are bluberry, apple, or strawberry. You can even combine them, if you’re feeling extra sweet. Finally, cook it on the fire, pull it out, and drizzle some more icing on top. Take a bite, and I bet your taste buds are doing a happy dance – you’re welcome. 

I hope you’re ready now – ready to make the perfect Mountain Pie. Trust me, you’re tastebuds won’t regret it. 

I know Bella and I couldn’t get enough last night.  


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