Top Dog Licks of the Week

Guess who’s back – back again. That’s right, Marlee and Me are back on the blog scene after a week hiatus. I honestly don’t know how you readers survived without us for this long.

Anyway, we are coming at you today with a lot of slobber, fur, uncontrollable cuteness, and tail wags. It’s time for Marlee and Me’s Top Dog Licks of the Week.

1. The adorableness and sweetness of this proposal. I mean how can a girl not say yes when presented with a puppy and a diamond ring. That guys on a whole other level. We are slow clapping over here and hoping that Zach takes notes.

2. The awesomeness and pure skill of this doggy and dude duo. I mean it’s not just the humans in America that got the talent anymore – canines are now taking over the stage and the judges’ hearts. I better get to practicing if Marlee and Me are going to compete with this. Who am I kidding, we have no chance.

3. And while the top two videos were sure to make you happy, this video will bring you to tears. I mean come on. How are you not sobbing into a tissue right now, or better yet, our fur.

4. We all know the Olympics are fast approaching, so why not show your support with a little dog sweat band action. I know I will be rocking these in just a short few weeks. You can pick these up in the canine section at Target.

5. And if buying your dog a sweat band set doesn’t make you dog obsessed enough, you can actually get Toms, Vans, or Converse sneakers customized with a painting of your dog’s face on it. You can find these awesome shoes on Etsy under BStreetShoes.

6. To go with those awesome shoes, you have to rock an Ellen original. These are only offered ever so often and go super fast, but it’s totally worth it.

7. Finally, our favorite dog pick of the week is the below comparison pictures. I mean I definitely nailed the American Gothic canine pose perfectly. Don’t worry, I can be everyone’s muse.



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