This – Humans Should be like This

I want us humans to experience the world the way you do – full of curiousity, bravery, eagerness, and open mindedness. 

You’re just a dog, but you embrace the world better than any human. You’re open for adventures, you’re open to new people, you’re open to see, smell, touch, and learn new things. Many of us humans are scared to venture out of our comfort zone. But maybe for just one day, we can experience the world the way you do, with tail wags, eager snouts, tall ears, and countless licks. 

I want us humans to see the world through your eyes. You see most everything in black and white-  There is no color. Everything and every person is the same to you. Race is not an issue. You embrace all people, no matter what they look like. As long as they are holding out a friendly hand, you will accept them. There is no judgement in your eyes. You see the world and the people in it beautifully.

I want us humans to smell the world through your snout. You are always open to new adventures, with that eager nose of yours leading the way. Your snout is curious – always investigating new territory. From the littlest flower blossoming from between the sidewalk crack, to the pile of green moss growing up the tree trunk, to the snake slithering through the grass – nothing scares you away. You want to learn all you can about life, whether it’s something pleasant like a flower or something frightening like a snake. You’re bravery is something worth admiring. 

I want us humans to touch the world through your rough and tough paws. You want to cover as much territory as you possibly can, and you don’t care whether it’s a giant mud puddle or a smooth piece of concrete. You are childlike. You want to be out in the world, roaming around, experiencing life to the fullest. And you most definitely prefer running and jumping through massive mud puddles. You do so with such eagerness and joy. Most humans in today’s society are afraid to get dirty. Most humans in today’s society don’t have the time to venture out into the world and take walks through God’s creation. Boy, are they missing out.

I want us humans to embrace the world and the people in it the way you do – with tail wags, a big grin, sloppy kisses, and aggressive hugs. You love all things. You love all people. You are full of compassion. You are full of unconditional love. You are full of utter joy. It radiates through you. You make the people around you happy and comfortable. This world would be amazing, if all us humans showed that kind of love, compassion, and happiness. 

I want us humans to be like you. Not for just one day, but for the remainder of our lives. 


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