Down with the Slang – Hip with the Lingo

Humans aren’t the only ones using iPhones these days. Oh no, times are changing. Dogs are now hip with the times and are going through data like crazy.    

Not only are us dogs savvy with technology these days, but we are also professional slang users – Or as you humans would say, we are down with the lingo. 

However, the meanings to well-known texting acronyms are different when it comes to us canines. So in order to save you from confusion, I am going to fill you in on what texting acronyms actually mean in dog speak. 

You text us something funny, so we respond with LMFAO. No, that does not mean we are laughing uncontrollably. You humans are not that funny- sorry. We are actually just Licking My Furry A** Off. Some serious fur balls are about to happen.

Next comes the FML text. Sorry humans, for us that means our Farts May Linger, but for you it definitely will mean F My Life. You should have thought twice before buying us that brand of kibble. 

Also, our farts might be lingering because of the BRB text we sent you. You asked us what we wanted and we told you – bacon, raw hides, burgers. All these foods are sure to have some smelly side effect. Sorry. 

Then you text us asking our opinion on something. We come back with TBH. Sorry, you’re alone on the decision making, because we mean That Butt is Hairy, which actually means, that girl dog is fine! Sorry mom, you’re not the only girl we ever look at. We are men and we have needs. 

Next comes the famous BTW text. By the way, we are telling you we want Bone Than Walk. Are needs aren’t that complicated – keep up. 

We invite our girlfriend over for a little canoodling. But of course we have to send our canine lover the dreaded PAW text, meaning, the Parents Are Watching. Ugh, I guess we actually have to watch the movie now. Way to ruin it mom and dad!

I am having a late night on the town with friends. Things are escalating pretty quickly and we are getting out of control. You get a text with TMB.  Please Take My Bone- I am bone drunk and will definitely be rawhide hungover in the morning. Man, I give in to peer pressure too easily. And yes, I understand I will be grounded.

So yea, I know you’re impressed. Us dogs are hip. 

But now my blog post must come to a close, so TTYL (Tap Tails with You Later). 


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