Joy Comes In The Morning

Jesus loves your joy. 

He doesn’t love how much money you make. He doesn’t love how successful you are. He doesn’t love your job. He doesn’t love any materialistic thing that this world and even you may possess. 

He only loves you and your happiness. 

But a lot of the times, we forget that. A lot of the time, I forget that. 

I sometimes catch myself focusing on how successful I am, how much money I do, or sometimes, don’t make, or others expectations for myself. When I focus on these things, especially the expectations that others hold over me, I find myself unhappy – I find myself losing my joy. 

I worry a lot of the times about what other people think about me, especially the ones closest to me. I worry that they might not think I’m successful enough, or that they think I’m selling myself short. The one thing I forget when I spiral into this trap of anxiety, is what makes me happy- what fills me with joy. 

You see, I might not have a job with a fancy title. I might not make as much money as others do. I might not be doing what others people expected I would be doing. But I don’t have to. I just have to be happy. 

God doesn’t care about the big things in life. In fact, he even admits that it is the small things we do that please him – as long as those small things are done with joy and bring us happiness. 

So when we feel like we aren’t good enough for others, remember the only thing that matters is your joy. 

Afterall, Jesus loves your joy. And even if it is something small, or something that other people never expected that you would do in life, as long as your happy, that is all that God cares about. That is all that you should care about. 

Sometimes you will feel down and you will feel defeated. In this world, it’s inevitable. When these times of uncertainty come, always remember one important thing – with God, your anxiety and sadness will only last for a short time. If you trust in him, you will once again find joy. 

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. – Psalm 30:5


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