Life Hacks for all you Hot Dogs 

I don’t know about the rest of you canines, but lately I’ve been one hot dog. And no, I’m not talking about my looks, even though I am pretty debonair. I am talking about temperature hot. 

The humidity has been intense and the sun has been beating down heavily, well on days it isn’t raining. But anyway, with my black fur, I am uncomfortably hot most of the time. Especially living in a house with no central air. And for you other dogs dealing with the same situation, I feel you. 

But have no fear! Marlee and I have some clever and productive ideas that will help turn your hot dog into a chilly dog. 

Make a Pupsicle treat. Take your dog bowl, fill it with water, and submerge some other delicious treats in the liquid. You can put dog treats in the water, or even fill it with some apples, bananas, pineapple, or any other fruit. Put it in the freezer over night, and then the next day, you will have one happy dog. He will be licking that ice treat for hours, keeping him cool and occupied. 

Buy a kiddie pool, a water gun, or a garden hose. Because what is a better way to bond with us pooches than by spraying us down in a heated water gun battle? If you ask me, there is nothing better than that. Not only is it fun for us to get to play with you humans, but it also cools us off. Then after an intense water gun fight, we can soak up the sun in the kiddie pool. Just bring me us an umbrella drink, and life will be good. 


Keep the windows closed and the blinds and curtains down. Do not invite the blazing sun or the humidity and heat in the house. Us dogs don’t want to be miserable all day. By keeping the house dark, you are helping to cool it down, even though it might just be a little. You may also consider buying a portable air conditioning unit or box fan, and putting it in the room where us dogs spend the most time. Not only will this help us during the day, but you will come home to a cooler and more comfortable house as well. 

Put some ice packs in our doggy bed. Freeze a few of those lunch box ice packs over night, and before you leave for work, zip them up on top of the padding inside our dog beds. Use an older dog bed – there will be moisture from the ice pack, and you don’t want to ruin a newer bed. Or you can even wrap the ice packs up in an old towel before stuffing it inside the dog bed. That will also help to soak up some of the moisture, while still getting the job done. 

Give us a giant bowl of ice cubes. You can do this before you leave for work, when you get home, and even before bed. Us dogs will never turn down ice cubes. Plus it is a treat that is easy on the figure. Anyway, a giant bowl of ice cubes will keep us occupied for awhile, not to mention, help to cool us down. 

So yea, this summer is humid, hot, and sticky, and for people and dogs without central air, it can be even more uncomfortable. But please, follow some of the tricks above to help us dogs stay cool during the summer days. Afterall, a cool dog, is a happy dog. 


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