I Like it, I Love it, I Want Some More of it

Here we are – back at it again. More of our links, likes, and loves of the week. 

Of course there has to be another one dealing with The Bachelorette. Looks like JoJo isn’t the only one on a journey to find love. This Jimmy Kimmel skit shows one adorable little girl trying to find love with a few eligible toddlers. They kiss, they flirt, they drool, they run to their dads. Sounds a lot like JoJo’s season so far. 

And while we are talking about complete strangers meeting for the first time in hopes of finding a connection, let’s check out this link. Isn’t it truly amazing. A photographer putting together two complete strangers in hopes of getting a picture that shows affection, love, friendship, and a strong bond. Just shows that two strangers can connect and appreciate each other, no matter how different they are. 

So now we get to the best and cutest portion of our links, likes, loves – babies and puppies. 

Check out these adorable pit bull puppies learning to swim for the first time. If you don’t smile from the inside out while watching this, then you must be a robot. 

And the pit bull puppies aren’t the only small creatures trying something new. Watch this baby in the first stages of crawling. With the help of a canine friend, anything is possible.

And while those puppies and baby were just adorable and sweet to watch, how about we talk about something that is sweet to eat. Like these doughnuts and milkshakes from this new local attraction called Sweet Pies. I’ve gained five pounds just by looking at the pictures, but I can’t wait to actually try some of these tasty and sinful treats. 

And I know after eating one of those doughnuts or drinking one of those milkshakes, you don’t feel like putting on a swim suit. But just in case you’re getting ready to take a dip anyway, look at this cute and colorful swimsuit combo I found at Walmart : this top, these bottoms, and these cute and cool crochet cover-up shorts. Yea, I said Walmart people. And for only 25 dollars for everything! 

So now we’ve filled your mind with cuteness, deliciousness, and a little humor. Hopefully that holds you over for another week. If it doesn’t, you know what to do. Just comment below for more likes, links, and loves. 


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