Everyone Needs a Faithful, Playful, and Comical Companion

Why does every human need a dog in there life?! I’ll tell you – it’s because we are awesome. Well actually, being awesome is only a small part. There are many reasons why having a dog is a necessity in anyone’s life. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you more below.

We are your best friend and faithful companion no matter what. Through the good, the bad, the ugly, the ugliest, and the uglier (you get the idea), we are there for you. We never stray from your side. We are loyal to a fault. Human friends and even family may let you down, leave you, or hurt you, but we never will. Not unless you think stealing the food off your plate or farting in your face is letting you down or hurting you. If that’s the case, we apologize. Anyway, we are there for you till the end. We are the most loyal companion you will ever have. 

We make sure you get to work on time. We are your alarm clock. I know you yell at us every morning when we jump on top of you on the bed and start licking your face and pawing at you. You always say, “my alarm is going off in another hour.” Well, we are just making sure you have plenty of time to drink some coffee, eat your breakfast, catch up on the news, and of course spend some time cuddling us. No need to thank us – your dark circles say it for you. 

We keep you on your toes. Whether we are chasing after the next door neighbor’s cat, barking at the mailman, taking down birds from the sky outside, or playing the run away game with you, we are always energetic, hyper, and sometimes as you would say super annoying. By the time you sit down, we are off doing something else we shouldn’t be doing. It’s an endless game we like to play – and trust me, we think it’s hilarious, even though you definitely do not. But hey, at least it’s never a dull moment with us around. 

We are your tissue and shoulder to cry on. Whenever you’re sad, hurt, or just down in the dumps, we are there for you. You can hold on to us, you can cry on us, you can even talk to us through your sniffles. I just can’t promise we will answer back. But I can promise we will listen, we will look you in the eye, we will kiss you, and we will let you know it’s going to be okay. Afterall, you have an amazing dog to come home to after a bad day. Just one thing, please keep your snot off of the fur – we don’t want to mess up what the groomer spent hours perfecting. 

We add humor into your day. Face it, us dogs are comical and we make you chuckle at least twice a day by the silly or just plain dumb things we do. Tumbling off the bed, running full force into the couch, and the positions we choose to lay in are just a few items in our daily comedy skit. We don’t do it for nothing. We do it because we love to see you smile. 

We are the best napping buddies. You like to sleep, we like to sleep. Seems like a win-win situation. There is nothing better than curling up on the couch, dozing off to the sound of your favorite Netflix show playing in the background. Ahh, sounds like a little piece of heaven. And if you’re lucky, we may even let you use us as a napping pillow. We love these quiet moments where we can just cuddle with you and feel contentment knowing that your our humans. Always remember, these peaceful times with you are some of our favorite – we have such happiness being near to you with nothing to do or nowhere to go. 

We prepare you for the real world. You know first comes dog, then comes baby – that sort of thing. We get you ready for all that crying, pooping, sleepless nights, and early mornings, by barking at everything that walks by the front door, farting constantly through the night, taking all your room on the bed, making it impossible to sleep comfortably, and waking you up bright and early letting you know it’s time for us to be taken care of. What did I say, we are the perfect practice. Plus, you also get that creepy baby talking voice down pat. We think it’s weird, but we let it happen. The best part is when that baby does come, we will take the best care of them. They will be our tiny human – a mini version of our two favorite people in the whole world.

We make you feel like a kid again. We don’t just encourage, we force you to play with us. We force you to play ball, roll around on the ground, and even run around the house. We bring out the young and playful side of you. The side that you so desperately miss. Don’t worry, it’s okay to act like a kid sometimes. It helps take some of the stress away. 

Finally, we make you feel like the best person in the world – we make you feel like royalty or even a celebrity. You take care of us, you love us, you play with us, you spoil us. The least we can do it treat you like your the best thing since sliced bread, or in our case, a nice rawhide bone. There is no one quite like you. No one else could love us the way that you do. Just remember to remind me to ask for your autograph later.

So see, life with a dog is pretty much pointless. I honestly don’t know how dogless people survive this crazy world. 

If you’re reading this, and you have a dog, congratulations. You hit the jackpot. 


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