What Us Dogs Teach You Humans 

Us dogs teach you more than you think. It doesn’t even take us any words to supply you with valuable life lessons. All it takes is a look, a picture, one single moment. 

So what exactly do us canines teach you about life. Well continue below to find out.

Be a good sport in life. Even if you fail at something, or don’t do as well as others, stay positive. The bench can always use some warmers. And just think, you’re at least succeeding at something. I’m only kidding. Keep trying and keep striving for your goals. One day, you will be successful. And even if it takes awhile, you’re still cute during the journey – well not near as cute as me in this shirt above, but still cute.

Dress to impress, always. After all, you never know who could be watching. Your future girlfriend/boyfriend, a future boss, or even that modeling agency you’ve been trying to get into contact with. Throw on a button up, a nice bow tie, and of course your million dollar smile. Looking spiffy is always key. Plus, people think you’re way more important than you actually are when you dress to impress. I mean, the pictures above make me look like I invented Facebook. Mark Zuckerburg who?

Have manners. Do what your grandmas always told you to do: say please, say thank you, say excuse me, don’t burp or fart in public, keep your butts off of the table, and goodness gracious show respect to your elders. Us dogs are full of manners. We shake, we high five, we roll over, we hug, and we sit down on command – we are experts at all things polite. Of course, we do still fart and burp in public. Come on, we are canines, what do you expect. Anyway, take a lesson from us. Having manners gets you very far in life. Right after the picture above was taken, I got a treat and a kiss. All thanks to a polite handshake. 

Never take life too seriously. Like really, calm down. You will never enjoy or live life to the fullest if you’re always worrying, stressing, or even working too much. Take a break. Do something you love. Be with people that make you happy. And geez, smile and laugh a little. Life is fun. Start acting like it. 

Hygiene is important. Brush your teeth, and listen to your mother when she says to wash behind those ears. Trust me, us dogs hate baths, but we still suffer through them. After all, you feel better, look better, and smell so much better when your body and fangs are spic-and-span. A clean smile and a clean appearance is an important part of being successful. So suck it up, get in that shower, and wash behind those dang ears. Oh, and get the rest of the body too. You might look as dapper as me in the pictures above. 

And finally, we teach you silly humans to love unconditionally. To appreciate, to cherish, to respect all the relationships you have with the people closest to you. Everyone who shows you love deserves to get much more back from you. Even when they don’t deserve it, love them anyway. After all, you screw up to. No one is perfect. Love hard, love unconditionally, and love endlessly. Loving your friends and family is one of the greatest gifts you have ever been given. So just do it, dang it. 

So where would you humans be without us dogs. Probably sitting on a bench, dressed like a bum, burping in public, while stressing too much because you’re breath and body are smelly and you have no friends or family because of it. To put it into a smaller, more simpler phrase : you would be a total wreck. So, you’re welcome. No need to thank us for all our wisdom, guidance, and life lessons (well actually thanking was part of one of the lessons above). Anyway, we will give you the first few for free – Next time, you’ll owe us big though. But don’t worry, we will thank you – we did teach you manners afterall. 


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