Be their Happy Ending 

Take a walk in their shoes, or in this case, take a walk in their paws – take a walk in the paws of all the shelter animals around the country that are patiently waiting for the perfect companion to rescue them. 

Each of the shelter animals have a story, usually a sad and unfortunate story, but a story that led them to where they are now – in an animal shelter which is working hard to place them with someone who will give their story a happily ever after ending .

If you visit the website of a local animal shelter, you will see the photos and read the stories behind many amazing animals. Stories that will tear at your heart strings and photos that will give you that awww moment. 

There are many beautiful, loyal, loving, and compassionate animals at these shelters. Some are shy, some are outgoing, some are old, some are young, some are cats, some are dogs, some are pure bred, and some are mutts. No matter the personality, the age, the look, the kind, or the gender, they all have two things in common. They deserve someone special and they deserve a happy ending. 

Many have endured so much – Abuse, neglect, starvation, fear, sadness, heartache, and loneliness – So much that was unfair. They were put on this earth to love and to be loved, and they deserve to experience the fullest kind of love offered. The kind of love that God intended them to receive and to also show to the right person- unconditional love. Luckily for these animals, they got a second chance to find this kind of love by being brought in to an animal shelter.

The no-kill animal shelters are amazing. Their sole mission is to care for these animals to the highest extent while searching endlessly for the perfect companion for each. These shelters speak out against abuse and neglect, they stand up for the rights of animals, and they fight to give all of the animals in their care a chance – a chance to find the happy ending that they’ve been waiting so long for and so rightfully deserve. 

First off, these shelters need a round of applause. What they do is absolutely amazing. It takes a lot of patience and compassion to do what they do everyday. Not only do the animals there appreciate what they do, but all humans who have worked with them to adopt their pet, appreciate and respect them to the highest level. 

Secondly, help these shelters change these animals lives and fight for these animals rights. It’s a big and tough job – one that can use all the support and help it can possibly get. If more people stand up for these animals, then more of their lives will change for the better. 

And finally, adopt a shelter animal for yourself. Find one that has a story or a photo that speaks to you. Find one that you want to share your life and unconditional love with. Find one who you can give a happy ending to. 

Happy National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day everyone! Go out and change some animals’ lives. 


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