All Things Dog on Facebook

If you’ve visited Marlee’s Facebook page, you know she regularly shares posts about animals – dogs specifically. She is obsessed people, and she isn’t afraid to admit it. I mean she did throw me a birthday party. 

Anyway, she shares many dog posts. Ones that make you laugh and smile and also ones that tear at your heart strings and make you grab the nearest tissue, or in Marlee’s case, my tail. Well fellow readers, we are not going to be stingy today. In fact, we are going to share some of our favorite dog posts on Facebook with all of you. So get ready for belly aching laughs as well as gut wrenching sobs, because we are about to take you on an emotional roller coaster ride involving a lot of tail wags, slobber, and fluff. Hold onto your leashes folks because here we go. 

Dogs sure know how to make humans laugh. Sometimes we mean to and sometimes it happens by accident. Just like this video of dogs failing miserably at all things stairs. We can make even the simplest things seem dramatic – but hey, it’s funny. 

And while we may fail miserably at going down and going up steps, we are pretty amazing at other things. Things that many of you humans can’t even do. Things like this. Or even this. Come on, you guys and gals try doing backflips. 

And since you’re already jealous that you can’t do backflips like some of us dogs can, I’ll just keep adding to it. Now you can be jealous that you can’t pull of this look. I mean you can try to wear a clear rain coat in doors, but you won’t be near as cute as this corgi, or the rest of us for that matter.

But even though we are cute in raincoats, we do some questionable things. Stuff like this. Most of the time you get a good story out of it. Plus, we always have the best of intentions. 

That’s why you love being around us so much. Which is why humans that love us dogs so much could never understand why anyone would do this to an animal. It’s pretty disgusting and sad, but at least this one has a happy ending. 

Then there are the good humans – the humans that us dogs love. The humans that we form this kind of connection with. Because you love us unconditionally, we return the favor by being by your side through thick and through thin all of our lives. Ahh, wasn’t that sweet. Now go hug your dog.

And if you don’t already have a dog to love unconditionally, then go ahead and adopt one. You could get an adorable one like this. Aww, he kind of looks like me when I have my bow tie on. Or maybe you could get one like this. Either way, you won’t be sorry. 

But if you aren’t ready for a dog or just don’t have the time to properly care for us, then just help in a different way. For instance, you could do this. No matter what you do, as long as you’re kind to us, we will be grateful. 

Us dogs are awesome. Never forget that. I mean Facebook shows how awesome we are everyday. So go ahead, chuckle a little at us or cry a little with us. But please share as much as you want about us on social media – after all, we deserve to be famous. Not everyone can look this good or even this good so close up. 


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