How Do You Measure A Year 

Today marks one year since I was adopted. One year of being with Marlee and Zach. One year of being a part of this family. 

A lot has happened in this year. So much in fact, that it seems impossible to remember just everything. But I know it has all been amazing. I know I’ve been loved so much. 

I am a dog, so it’s hard to even know that it’s been just one year. Time moves more slowly for me, so I feel like I’ve been with Marlee and Zach for much longer, and that makes me happy. I know it’s only been just one year, because Marlee has been making it a big deal. Planning a party with friends and fellow dogs to commemorate the day. However, how exactly is a dog like me to measure a year – I know, I’m sounding like the Rent Soundtrack right now – But really, how is a dog like me to measure a year, when time doesn’t work the same as it does for you humans. 

I can measure it in the amount of pictures that have been taken of me. Trust me, there have been tons. If you follow Marlee on Instagram, you know that she mainly focuses on showing off how handsome I am. I mean, you can’t really blame her. I am pretty dapper. Don’t worry though – there are plenty more saved on her phone and she will continue to bombard your newsfeed for years to come- she’s not sorry. The pictures she has posted throughout this year perfectly showcase how life as a little family has been: happy, entertaining, loving, and perfect. Yes, there are pictures that I look annoyed or angry in, but like I said in a previous post, I wasn’t born to be a model. Don’t let those few pictures mislead you. I have been filled with complete joy this entire year. You can see that through most of the pictures that I use to measure my year with Marlee and Zach. 


I can measure it in the times I’ve gotten loose and watched Zach and Marlee chase after me, sometimes without shoes on their feet and sometimes with towels on their recently showered heads. Every time, it’s been a riot. I’ve laughed so hard. Not sure why Zach always got so angry or Marlee always started to cry. It was always a joke and a game to me. I always planned on coming back to them after running free for a bit. Why wouldn’t I? They are the most amazing people I’ve known. I would never choose to let that go. I’ve gotten loose roughly six times – that’s once every two months – that adds up to one year. One year of playing the chase Duke around the neighborhood game. I know, sometimes I can be bad to the bone – just read one of my very first posts. I like to live on the edge of danger. 

We could measure this incredible year by counting the amazing people I’ve met and other dogs I’ve grown fond of. Sure, many people think I am an unhappy or mean dog by my serious joker facade or the fact that I like to viciously, yet harmlessly, bark at certain people or animals that walk by. But fear not, I am a gentle soul, full of love and kindness – and lots of farts, definitely lots of farts. Anyway, in this short year, I’ve friended many great humans, who also happen to have pretty cool dogs. I’ve hung out with “the pack” quite a bit, and we’ve shared toys, laughs, water, drool, tail wags, and treats – who am I kidding, us dogs never share our treats. I also started to date this year. First time in my lifetime. It’s been incredible. In fact, you can go back and read this post to see how our first date went. But yea, I have a pretty great group of humans and dogs surrounding me. I couldn’t be luckier.   


While all of the above ways can easily help me measure my first year with my family, I think the most significant way is through all the love I’ve received. The 365 days filled with slobbery kisses, excited tail wags, cuddles with my two favorite humans, and of course the billions of times Marlee has said “I love you Dukie” or “who’s the cutest and best man in my life – yea you.” Sometimes I wish I could look her in the eyes and actually say “I love you too mom” or “Who’s the best human I’ve ever met – yea you.” That’s how I feel. Her and Zach are the best people I’ve ever known, and they have filled this past year with more love than I could ever measure.

So how do I measure my first year with Marlee and Zach. Not through day lights, sunsets, midnights, or cups of coffee. Sorry to all you Rent lovers. I measure my year through pictures of happy and cherished times, through times I’ve gotten loose and realized how much I meant to Marlee, through new friendships, and most importantly through the unfailing love I receive everyday from my little family. 



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