Taste the Rainbow 

I’ve had food on the brain – no, not just food – unhealthy, calorie filled, and colorful desserts on the brain. I mostly blame Facebook for the constant advertising of these sinful desserts, but I guess I should also blame my sweet tooth and my never ending desire to fill my stomach with something tasty.

I have been taunted by desserts on Facebook. Every time I scroll down on the newsfeed, there is something else exciting my taste buds. I can’t escape it. I have also noticed a trend of the sweet treats I share on my page: They are all rainbow colored, pretty to look at, and I am sure delicious to eat. In fact, my mouth salivates just by looking at the pictures. However, I have not had the time to create or actually try any of these recipes. So I figured I would pass the links along to all of  you faithful readers, so you can all melt into a sweet puddle of happiness. And please, share with me which ones are the best. I am sure they are all equally amazing.

Ice Cream Bread – I know what you’re all saying: ice cream in the oven and then turned into a loaf? That sounds strange. Of course it sounds strange, but I am sure it tastes amazing! It’s a loaf of pure deliciousness. Maybe even put two pieces together with extra ice cream or even vanilla frosting in the center, and make an ice cream bread sandwich. Madness, I know. 


Rainbow Bagels – This tasty and pretty treat is sold at The Bagel Store in Brooklyn. Kind of makes you want to take a trip to New York just to sink your teeth into one of these. Not only is it a rainbow bagel, but they use confetti cream cheese in the middle. It’s almost too pretty to eat – ha, who am I kidding – I would inhale ten of those suckers with no trouble.

 Fruity Peppble Cheesecake – This puts together two of my favorite things : cheesecake and fruity pebbles. It’s five o’clock and you just ate dinner before realizing you skipped breakfast – no problem – make some Fruity Pebble Cheesecake, and you’re covered. Well maybe you shouldn’t make that a habit.   

And then we end with Birthday Cake Fudge. This can’t be a real thing – it sounds way too amazing. Well it most definitely is a real thing and you can make it yourself before sinking your fangs into it. With this fudge, it can be your birthday everyday of the week.

Now I know your chops are watering. No need to thank me. Well actually, you can ship me some of these delicious desserts when you make them for yourself. Come on – don’t be a hog – I did share the recipes with you, after all. 



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