Oh Brother, Oh Sister 

Siblings – can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Most of you would joke and say you could most definitely live without them, but during today, on National Brother and Sister Day, let’s admit, or at least lie, and say you could absolutely never live without them. 

I know Marlee could never make it through this life without her twin sister Brandi and older brother Travis. Now she couldn’t anyway. However there were many times, especially in their younger years, that all three of them wished that they were the “only child.”

Let’s take it back to the very beginning of the Shaulis siblinghood. Travis was about to turn three at the time that Marlee and Brandi were born. Let’s just say, he had been absolutely spoiled in the 2.5 years that he was alone in the household. However, that changed immensely. Not only did he get “blessed,” or as he would have said “cursed” by one sister, he got two, AT THE SAME TIME! He was so upset, he actually refused to go to the hospital to see them. The only way Marlee’s dad was able to get him there was by bribing him with a McDonald’s Happy Meal and then a trip to the circus that weekend. So really, Travis met Brandi and Marlee for the first time only because of a bribe…Off to a good start, I would say. 

But that was only the beginning. Travis continued to showcase his disappointment and jealousy on a daily basis. He would steal Marlee and Brandi’s formula at night and dump it out. He would pout at their birthday parties, so he would also receive gifts and all the attention from the visiting family members. He would chase them around the house and he even pushed them down into the toilet hole during potty training. And trust me people, that is only scimming the surface. One of the biggest things was when Travis made Marlee terrified of the Easter Bunny – I know fitting. But seriously, she is still terrified of all things Easter Bunny because of his actions. 

However, as the years continued on, the three of them actually started to share some happy times together. Playing war in living room sheet tents with pop guns and rubber band guns from the local fair, having their annual giant snowball extravaganza, and even bonding over silly childhood movies like The Land Before Time or The Brave Little Toaster. Oh, what beautiful times those were.

Travis even turned his anger for his sisters on to anyone that made Marlee or Brandi cry. I mean Travis even punched his good friend straight in the kisser in protection of his ‘little sis’ – ouch! I would say that is a complete 360 from where they started : Marlee and Brandi crying over spilt milk (literally) while Travis was enjoying a Happy Meal from yet another bribe. At least now he would at least give them a nugget. 

These days, they are all three adults. There are no more war games with wooden guns, snowball fights or even laughs over childhood movies. However, there are still hardcore Phase 10 games and laughs over dumb PG-13 movies. 

They don’t get to see each other a whole lot these days, but when they do, they enjoy each other’s company. And when Marlee and Brandi come home, Travis comes over to see them without having to be bribed with McDonald’s or the circus – I know impressive. 

They love each other, and now they absolutely can’t live without each other. 

So everyone, it’s National Brother and Sister Day. It’s a day to reflect on the old memories, the new times spent together, and showcase the love that has grown between you and your siblings over the years. Admit it, you love your brothers and sisters – life would not be the same without them. I know Marlee’s life wouldn’t be. 


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