A Birthday Post to a Best Friend, a Soul Mate, a Twin

It was 24 years ago today that my person was born. It was also 24 years ago today that her person was born too. I like to think of today as the day that marks another chapter in one of the greatest love stories of all time [sorry Bella and Edward Cullins]. When one twin met the other twin and they became inseparable, became best friends, and became soul mates. It is one of the greatest days in all of history – Even Christopher Colombus discovering America is not near as awesome as the birth of the Shaulis Twins.

They became inseparable from the minute that they were born. Well I should actually say the second minute, because the first minute, Marlee was alone. She always jokes about how that one minute was the best and most peaceful minute of her life. However, if she is being honest, the last  12, 614, 400 minutes were the best of her life. That one minute alone was pure misery. Just ask the doctors. She cried a lot. 

However, they actually became inseparable 9 months before this day 24 years ago. As soon as they started growing together in their mom’s belly, they knew they had a special bond. I mean they shared an umbilical cord people. Marlee actually shared her food with Brandi, which is more than I can say about me with my other siblings. They even learned how to annoy each other early on. In the womb Marlee actually flipped upside down and put her feet in Brandi’s face. She jokes and says it is because Brandi had too much anxiety and wouldn’t shut up [it’s only a joke people, and Brandi]. Marlee thought it was funny, however Brandi and her mom both did not. Brandi quickly became grossed out by feet and her mom experienced the joke of Marlee being upside down during labor. Not so funny, actually.

After being born, they were so alike, that the nurses put bracelets on them, marking Marlee as “Baby A” and Brandi as “Baby B.” It’s kind of similar to Dr. Suess’s Thing 1 and Thing 2, except for the crazy hair part. Marlee and Brandi didn’t start sprouting hair until the age of like two, no joke. But they were so alike, that not even their mom and dad could tell them a part right away. Who knows, Travis could have switched their bracelets at one point, and we could have been wrong all along. Whoa, wouldn’t that be crazy.  

 From that day 24 years ago to now, they have shared so many laughs [belly aching ones], cries [sometimes over the same guy], fights [the kind with hangers being thrown over a wardrobe argument], and so many awkward and strange conversations and inside jokes together [you would never understand].They have shared so many scary moments together [like the time Marlee accidentally choked Brandi with a Life Savor and nearly became twinless], they have had so many silly arguments [like the one where Brandi put bubble gum in Marlee’s hair to prove a point and then Marlee got back at her by giving her bubble bath to use for shampoo- talk about a sticky mess], and they have went through a lot of trials together [like when Marlee won an argument and Brandi was forced to give up her beloved Teddy Bear to Marlee for good- Don’t worry, it only lasted 10 minutes.]  They have pretty much went through everything together – The good, the bad, and the sticky.

 Marlee always tells people that she can’t imagine how anyone could go through this life without a twin. She said without Brandi she would be a loser and loner who binge watched Netflix everyday with a candle lit, a bottle of wine by the bed, and just her dog to keep her company. Oh wait, this is all true. But at least she has her twin that would never judge her, because she is doing the exact same thing, without the dog. Let’s get serious, Marlee doesn’t know how she could have ever survived this crazy life without her twin, who is also her best friend, by her side. Her love and bond shared with Brandi, is something she wishes all people could experience. It is rare, it is special, it is beautiful, and it is life changing.


So this day is not just any other ordinary day, as you can see. It is a day that two soul mates were born and a day that the unbreakable bond formed. They might not be exactly the same anymore. “Baby A” is now easily known as Marlee and “Baby B” is with no doubt Brandi, but the love and bond they have shared since day one has never changed.

It’s been 24 years since they started in this world together. It’s been 12, 614, 400 minutes of silly arguments, bubble gum and bubble bath wars, Kim Kardashian like sobs, and of course belly aching laughs over inside jokes that no one else on this earth would find funny or even understand – But no one else has to understand them – They understand each other perfectly, they have since day one, and they accept and love one another through anything.

So I would like to say Happy Birthday to my human today –  Marlee, you have made my life better than I could have ever imagined. And Marlee also has to say Happy Birthday to her human today – Brandi, you have made Marlee’s life better than she could have ever hoped for and the last 12, 614, 400 minutes have been the best minutes of her life.



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