Apple Pie on Pi Day

While most of you are using this day to celebrate mathematics and the infamous 3.14 number – yawn – Marlee and I are using this day to celebrate the best kind of PI(E) out there – the sweet, sugary, and homemade kind. 

Marlee has never been one to bake pies, but she has always been one to stuff her face with them. She goes on and on about how her grandma and mom make the best pies around. Apple pie, blueberry pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate pie, and peanut butter pie have all topped her list of the tastiest pies at one point or another. They are sweet, homemade and of course baked with lots of sugar and love. 

But there is one pie that tops them all, and that is the traditional and delicious Apple Pie, that Marlee has grown up loving. Both her grandma and mom make a killer Apple Pie that will make your mouth water and keep you coming back for more. 

So on this Pi(E) day, I will pass a little tradition on to you all with the infamous recipe. 

First off, you have to start off with a good base. The crust is key. If you’re like Marlee’s grandma, you are a stickler for a homemade pie crust. 


Trust me, there is nothing quite like it. But if you’re like Marlee or her mom, you’ll just save some time and aggravation and go for a store bought crust. Not as good, but it will do the trick.

And then finally comes the filling. The concoction of apple and cinnamon deliciousness. Here it is: 

After it’s done baking, it’s time for the best part – eating it. Marlee prefers her Apple Pie drowned in a bowl of milk or topped with some vanilla ice cream. Either way, it’s a tasty treat and way better then mathematics. 


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