The Tail of My First Date

I did something on Friday night that I didn’t think Marlee would ever allow – I went on my first date. Her name was Bella, and she was totally cute. 

It was just like you see in the movies. Romantic and a little frisky with a lot of slobber being swapped. I was smitten from the first woof and butt sniff – it was the greatest first date a dog could ever hope for. 

We got to first base pretty quickly – holding paws while staring lovingly into each other’s eyes. Some might think Bella was staring at me because I stole her bone, but I was convinced, she was looking into my soul envisioning walking down the aisle to be married in holy pawtromony. She didn’t need to tell me how she was feeling. I could feel it with that intense stare. Her tongue was out, while looking into my eyes. I think she was trying to get a little Frenchie with me – I was hoping she would show me a little bit of Paris, if you know what I mean. I am going to try to be a gentleman, and save the intense kissing for our wedding day. I guess my next step is asking her father for her paw in marriage. 


First base quickly escalated to third base. We were rolling around on the carpet getting all hot, sweaty, and rambunctious. I am surprised Marlee or Bella’a parents, Lindsey and Sean, didn’t put a stop to the frisky business. I wasn’t worried about my dad, Zach. He told me I needed to get myself out there and start experiencing life with all sorts of hairy and smelly women that would make all the dogs in the park drool. Instead, they all encouraged it and kept yelling, “oh that is such a cute moment. Take a picture for Duke’s next blog post.” I was shocked they wanted such an intimate and frisky moment documented for all the world to see. We rolled around together for quite awhile. It got pretty intense. In the end, Bella ended up victorious and on top. It was a pretty extreme wrestling match…. Wait, what did you all think I was talking about?! You all need to get your mind out of the gutters. 


By the end of the night, we pretty much became inseparable. We would run outside together. We chased each other’s tails all night. We shared a romantic feast of mini rawhides and treats together with dimmed lighting and a little music playing in the background. We played ball together, until it rolled behind the TV set. And we even cuddled a little on the couch. We were both smitten with each other. 

When it was time to leave, we both became a little sad. Our romantic evening together came to an end way too quickly. However, she did watch me leave through the blinds of the window. I think that was her way of asking me on a second date. Hopefully next time there will be more wrestling and a lot more slobbering. 



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