I Promise You, God is by Your Side 

God works in mysterious ways, at the moments in life that you need it the most. He works in your life everyday, but there are certain times that you need to see or feel him working more clearly than other times.

I’m sure you all have a story to share about a time that you felt God working in your life and giving you that little boost of happiness that you so desperately needed. 

But in case you haven’t recognized the power of God working in your life, I will share a story from Marlee that will give you hope on this Sunday morning. 

So here it goes…

It was Marlee’s senior year at Cal U and she was going through a really rough time. You know, one of those times where nothing goes right and bad things just keep piling up. She would wake up every morning, full of anxiety. Her usually prominent smile was replaced with tears. She cried nearly everyday. She was running low on faith and the hope that anything good could happen to her. 

One day while walking to class, a random student walked up to her and handed her a little card. It read: “Smile. Pass it on.” It was not only the card that lifted her spirits, but more of what the student handing it to her said. He said, “He told me to give this to you. He knew you needed it.” That gave her goosebumps. She knew who ‘He’ was – ‘He’ was God, and ‘He’ was working through an ordinary student to bring Marlee a smile and a little hope through her troubling time. How extraordinary is that. 

I know some of you will argue and say it was a coincidence and the guy just was handing it out to everyone he could. But it wasn’t just a coincidence. It was the working of God in Marlee’s life – and she will never forget that day. It was the day where everything began to change for the better and things started to look up. Not only because of that card, but because of God. 

She still carries that card with her as a reminder that God is always with her, especially in the most trying times. If you pay close enough attention, you will see and feel him working in your own life. Maybe it won’t come in a card like Marlee received, but it will come. I promise you that. 


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