The Narrator of A Love Story 

Marlee remembers the first day she met you. It was her first day of work out of college and it was the first day she had really been alone in four years. You met her when she was fresh off a breakup. Her puffy eyes and hidden smile gave it away. But you still thought she was beautiful.

I think that’s why she fell for you so fast. You made her feel like she was beautiful everyday. You made her feel like she was funny, smart, exciting, and new. You made her feel like the breakup was worth it, because she was able to meet someone like you, that made her feel like she was the best thing you had ever laid your eyes on. 

She was a little scared at first. You were very confident, not in a cocky way, but in a I know what I want and I’m going to do whatever it takes to get it, kind of way. That’s how you were with winning over her too. You felt that spark from the first moment you saw her in the lobby of the hotel and you knew you had to be the first one to get her to smile again. 

You talked to her that first day – About anything and everything. She was hesitant and somewhat quiet, but you wanted to include her in the conversation with the other interns to make her feel like you were interested in her and cared. You talked to her about golf, college, old stories, anything you could think of – I think you might have gotten one little smile out of her. 

But you weren’t content with that one smile. You wanted to see that smile everyday – so you worked hard for it. You got her number, in a way I won’t mention on here, and you texted her that first night. You made up some bogus excuse for why you were texting – something about work. But you both knew why you really texted her. You wanted to talk to her more. You wanted to get to know her more. You wanted to see that smile again and hear her laugh. You were falling for her. 

And you were very smooth. Not only confident, but smooth. Your words made Marlee smile and they made her happy. They made her feel special. It didn’t take long for her to fall for you either. Two weeks is all it took and she was hooked. There were some tough times in those two weeks, for the both of you, but in the end, it was all worth it. You had someone that made you feel happy again, and she had someone that couldn’t stop making her smile. 

It’s been 1 year and 8 months since you first asked her to be your girlfriend. It’s been almost two years since you first laid eyes on her – but you both still remember that first day. She was sad, nervous, excited, but scared. But when you two locked eyes, she felt a little bit of comfort. Almost like she knew in that first second that you would save her. Save her from her loneliness and sadness. And you did. 

A lot has happened in between the time you first met and now. You’ve had your ups together and you’ve had many downs together. But you never gave up on each other. Probably because you remembered what it felt like that first time you saw each other. 

You’ve had a lot of laughs together. I mean a lot of laughs. And you’ve both shed some tears – of course Marlee has shed more, but you got through it. You were her comfort that first day and you’ve been that comfort ever since. 

And there has been many milestones you’ve shared since then. Moving into a new place, both taking new positions at work, and of course adopting me. I’m so glad I get to be a part of your continuing love story. I’m so glad I get to be a part of your lives. The moment I met you two, I automatically felt that spark that you both felt for each other on that first day. Dad, you saved Marlee, but you both saved me. 

This is just the beginning of your story. It will only continue to get better. And I am priveleged to be the one that gets to narrate it. 




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