Super Bowl 50 Top 5 Commercials 

The Super Bowl came and went, just like those snack food pounds came, but have not yet went away quite yet. 

The big football game was kind of disappointing and depressing for Marlee and me. We are Carolina Panther fans and let’s just say, the game didn’t go in our favor. There were plenty of times we were both barking at the refs and Cam Newton, like they could actually hear us. But even if you weren’t a Carolina Fan, the whole Super Bowl 50 was actually not that super. The halftime show was nice, I don’t even want to discuss the game, and even the commercials were not that grand. At least, not as grand as they used to be back in the day. 

However, no fear. Marlee and I have found a few diamonds in the ruff for all of you disappointed Super Bowl watchers. We have listed below the five top Super Bowl commercials from this year – in our opinion. That’s right – there were a few good ones. Unfortunately, the Budweiser puppy and horse commercial did not make an appearance this year. But anyway, click on the links below to watch them for a little chuckle or a sweet ahhhh moment. 

The commercial for Heinz Ketchup. I mean come on, there are little, tiny wiener puppies running up a hill in hot dog costumes. Not to mention, the little toddler dressed up as a ketchup packet. How could you not swoon over the cuteness level in this commercial. 

Then there was the Honda Ridgeline commercial with the sheep. What is better than a herd of sheep belting out to a classic in the middle of a meadow – the answer is nothing, of course. These sheep would give the kids from Glee a run for their money. Instead of counting boring old sheep in your sleep, you will now be counting acapella sheep in your sleep. Come on, that’s pretty awesome. 

Then came the Sheetz commercial. Marlee and me laughed pretty hard core at this one. Just remember, Sheetz does have made-to-order food. If you say differently, you’ll turn into an ass. Trust me – that ain’t pretty. 

The Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial with Kevin Hart was hysterical. However, what isn’t funny when it involves Kevin Hart. This takes parent stalking to a whole new level. Thanks Hyundai. Now I can’t even take my doggy love out on a romantic date without worrying about Marlee spying on me. 

Finally, there was the Doritos commercial. Let’s face it, Doritos always has one of the best Super Bowl Commercials, and this year, they certainly didn’t disappoint. Just remember, don’t let your husband in the sonogram room with a bag of Doritos. Bad things will happen. My advice is to just let the husband at home completely. You don’t want to take any chances. 

So, I hope Marlee and me lifted you Super Bowl 50 blues up a little with our top five commercial picks. Even if you’re crying over the Panther loss, at least you’ll have a few laughs after clicking on the links above. And hey, maybe you’ll even laugh so hard, you’ll burn a few of those Buffalo Chicken Dip or Wing calories you packed on this past Sunday. 



    1. Haha, I debated whether or not to include this one. It was on the list, but it was a tad bit creepy, so I kept it off. However, I have made plenty of jokes using this.

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