Tail Wags on Valentine’s Day

Let’s not be selfish now. I wrote my last two blog posts on what to get your significant others for Valentine’s Day (check them out). But what about us dogs?! We deserve some love, and by love, I mean treats, toys, and gifts on this day as well.

Don’t worry though. I knew you would all need some ideas from the smartest dog in the world on what to buy that special dog in your life. So me and Martha Stewart are here to help. Yes – she is good at more than insider trading of stocks and breaking the law. She actually came up with a cute dog collection carried at PetSmart while she was in the big house. And I’m pretty sure everything she sells is legal. So no worries.

Anyway, below are the tail wagging gifts at furtastic prices. All of which can be found at PetSmart.
These adorable Valentine’s Day chew toys can be purchased for only $2.99. Wow, that’s a steal! After buying us one of these, we will be taking the message seriously. Instead of digging up the backyard, we will dig you and instead of going nuts trying to bite the mailman, we will be going nuts loving up on you. At least for this one day. 

We like to get a little stylish every now and then – You know show off for the ladies and what not on our nights out. What better way to do that, then by wearing these cute/sexy bow ties around our necks. These can be purchased for only $10.99. Such a low price for such high fashion. 

To look good for the big day, we need our beauty sleep. You know how we love to snooze with our legs spread, while kicking furiously in the air. Well no need to worry about getting kicked in the face or losing your space. You can solve that problem by getting us one of these comfortable beds for Valentine’s Day. They are only $7.47 right now at PetSmart!

On Valentine’s Day, we would like you to fill our hearts with love, but also fill our bowls with water and kibble. Don’t be stingy – Fill them to the top. We can eat and drink in style from these trendy bowls shown above. Purchase them for $6.74 a piece. 

Finally, if you need something to fill our dinner bowl with, here is an idea for you. All it takes is a little baking skills, which is something you can get from Martha Stewart as well. I told you, she learned a lot in prison. Anyway, click on this link to learn how to create these simple and delicious treats. We will be licking our chops, instead of our behinds, which we know will make you happy. 

Go ahead. You are now ready to go splurge on us dogs for Valentine’s Day. We will love you forever.


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