Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Yep, you sure did. You read that title right. Valentine’s Day is not just for the ladies anymore. It is also a chance to celebrate that special man in your life. Pamper him a little and make him realize that you appreciate all he does for you. 

Marlee and me have come up with a few gift ideas that will make your man happy. You might even get something extra special after he opens up one of these gifts. 

Continue below to get some ideas for the man in your life on Valentine’s Day:

{Purchase It}

  Get him this Valentine’s Day inspired cologne collection from Ralph Lauren. Mostly because you love him, but partially because he can get a little stinky. Taking in a big whiff of this will have you weak at the knees, falling all over your sexy man. He will also appreciate how fresh it makes him feel and smell. You can purchase this collection at Macy’s or Boscovs starting at $66.00 and going all the way up to $150.00, depending on what you all get. 


Get him some American Crew products to keep his hair looking on fleek, as you all would say. This brand creates shampoo, conditioner, body wash, sculpting gel, and about a billion more products – products I don’t even think you women have heard of. It will have your man date ready and will have all ladies swooning over him – Good thing he’s out with you. Purchase these supplies on the American Crew website or at local barber shops for a decent price. It is a pricier product, but it will have your man looking like a million bucks.


Every man could always use a new wallet. After all, they are hardworking and have so much money burning holes in their old ones. Guys are all different when it comes to wallets. Almost as picky as women are with shoes. So go with a style that will please your man. However, this TommyHilfiger  leather wallet is really nice and definitely serves its purpose in style. You can get this wallet on Amazon now for only $21.00, saving about $30.00 off of the original price. 
{Customize It}



If your man likes being outdoors and fishing, then these customized hooks and sinkers are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Personalize it with a cute and ‘catchy’ phrase, an anniversary, or even your names. It will have him feeling lucky and he will get his biggest catch yet (besides you) while using this. You can purchase these on Etsy from anywhere between $15.00 to $40.00 depending on which ones you choose. 

 Most men love to swing a club every now and then. So another perfect gift for him are some customized golf tees to help improve his game. Put a cute and inspiring phrase on them to get him pepped up for the tee off or just put your name and anniversary date on them to have him smiling all through the 18 holes. This gift will be a ‘hit.’ You can purchase customized golf tees on Etsy websites for cheap. The ones shown above are only $7.99.
Finally, customize a heart shaped candy box with a cute little message and fill it with miniature bottles of your man’s favorite liquor. You girls like chocolate, but us guys love alcohol. It will be the best box of candy we have ever opened. Also, you can use this alcohol as an appetizer to a nice home cooked dinner. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and his alcohol blood level (just kidding). You can purchase the miniature bottles of liquor at any local liquor store. 

So, you girls need to wake up and smell the roses (and I’m not talking about the ones you hope to receive on Valentine’s Day). It’s time for you to all realize that this holiday is not just for you ladies. It is also a day to celebrate that special man in your life. 

Go out and buy it or customize it. Either way, you will have one happy fellow. 



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