Valentine’s Day for Her

February is just days away, which means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It is time for Cupid to come out to play and for all you guys to run around, like chickens with your heads cut off, trying to find the perfect and sweetest gift to keep your girlfriends/wives happy.

For guys, this can be the most stressful holiday. You want to get something special and different that will have the ladies making ‘Goo Goo’ eyes at you, telling everyone that they are the luckiest ones around.

Fear not – I may be a dog, but I am a man, and I know what the women like. Well I might have had a little help from Marlee, but anyway, I have the perfect gift ideas for you to win over your lady this Valentine’s Day. {Listed Below}

{For all you big spenders}

This Kate Spade purse is both adorable and functional, with enough room to carry all of your lady’s essentials in it. The powder blue color is popular and will compliment her cutest date night outfit. She will definitely swoon after receiving this purse. You can purchase it online at the Kate Spade website for $208.00.


The Pandora Sparkling Bow Ring is another gift that will have your ladies staining your cheeks and lips with her red lipstick. The Rose Gold color is very popular these days and will add a little pop of color and cuteness to her finger. The bow will also make her feel like your sweet little present. You can purchase this ring at any Pandora store or online for $70.00. 


You can never go wrong with some cute Alex and Ani stackable charm bracelets. Add to your ladies collections, with these cute bracelets. Even get a little sentimental, and purchase one with the birthstone of the month you started dating. It is thoughtful and will make her wrist happy and sparkly. You can purchase these two bracelets on the Alex and Ani website, each for $28.00.



Finally, you can purchase the ‘Forever Red’ collection from Bath and Body Works. You can purchase the body spray, body wash, and lotion all at the store. Marlee wears this fragrance all the time and I love the smell of it – It smells like falling in love, which is perfect for this time of year. You can get the fragrance for $22.50, the shower gel for $18.50, and the lotion for $20.50.


{Now for you sentimental guys}

Get your lady (or make her) a coupon book. You can fill in the blank with something sweet and cute that you know she will like. Maybe a coupon for dinner for two, one for a movie night at home, all the movies being her choice, a coupon for a back rub, or anything else that you can think of to make her smile. You can order the coupon book pictured above from Etsy for $9.50.


Purchase a ‘Where We First Met’ Map Jigsaw Puzzle. This is a fun activity that you two can do together and is also a super sweet idea, marking where your love first began. You can even frame it after it is all put together, and hang it on the wall for a keepsake. You can purchase this puzzle from The Little Boys Room Website for $53.56.

Going off of the previous idea, you can also frame a map for your lady. All you need it a map and a picture frame. Find the place where you first met and cut it into a heart like shown above. Then frame it, and you will have a sentimental piece of artwork that will always make her smile while looking at the wall. And if you are married, use three maps, and frame together the map of where you first met, where you asked her to marry you, and where you got married. Such a sweet idea.


Finally, customize her a cell phone case with one of her favorite pictures. She will treasure that case forever and will never want to take it off. You can get personalized cases at many different websites all for pretty cheap.

I hope all these gift ideas helped ease your nerves a little for the approaching holiday. You will have the ladies swooning over you all over again. Either be a big spender or get a little sentimental. Either way, you are sure to win her over this Valentine’s Day.




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