Hidden Gems on this Snowed In Day

Winter Storm Jonas has rolled in with a vengeance. Marlee and Me woke up today to 20 inches of snow on the ground, more snow falling from the sky, and buried cars and roads with nowhere to go. 

Instead of pouting about being stuck at the house all day, we decided to take advantage of the snow day, and find books and movies to dive into. 

We have some hidden gems to share with all of you out there who are stuck inside thanks to Jonas. 

Click on the titles below. They are linked to info on each of the movies or books. Trust me, these hidden treasures will have you begging for another day stuck inside. 

{For the Netflix Binge Watchers}

The Last Five Years

What Maisie Knew


In Your Eyes 

Stuck In Love 

About Alex 

You’re Not You 



October Baby

Gimme Shelter

{For all you Book Worms}

The Art Of Racing In The Rain

Hilary Duff Trilogy : Elixir, Devoted , True

Sean Lowe’s Book: For The Right Reasons 

Amanda Knox: Waiting to be Heard

And of course the Marlee and Me Blog

So please lay on down, prop your paws up, and enjoy these little gems on your snowed in day. You won’t be disappointed.

Also, comment below for any other suggestions.



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