Runny Noses, Snow Angels, Warm Hearts

As winter storm Jonas rolls on in, many of you are complaining hardcore about the snow, the cold, and the ice. It is understandable. Winter can be miserable, especially when 24 inches of snow is predicted to hit.

However, winter and snow used to be something we looked forward to as kids. We couldn’t wait for those feet of snow to hit, so we could spend our school days at home playing endlessly outside. We used to love snow – And now we hate it.

Living in Pennsylvania, snow is something that we are going to have to deal with. So instead of grumbling about having to shovel your car out or snowplow the driveway, why don’t we embrace it and find ways to love snow again.

Marlee shard with me many of her fondest memories all pertaining to snow and winter.

She recalls winters as a little girl, bundling up with her brother and sister and heading outside for a full day of excitement. When the snow was deep enough, the three siblings would dig tunnels underneath the snow. They got this idea from one of their favorite childhood movies “Snowday.”No parents were allowed and there was a secret password to enter the tunnel leading into a little fort. Believe it or not, it was actually warm inside their tunnel made of snow and they loved it in there. They would spend hours inside that snow fort talking to each other and chowing down on their favorite snacks, including salt-and-vinegar chips and Doritos. They were three years apart and did not have a whole lot in common at that point in life, but during those snowy days of fort building, they became each other’s best friend again.

Then there were the competitions to see which sibling could make the best snow angel. These were no simple task. It was nearly impossible to make a perfect snow angel. But over the many winters they spent together outside, they learned how to master it. They would each take turns sprawling out, flapping their arms and legs out in the snow angel forming motion, and then wait for the other two siblings to come grab their hands. On the count of three they would pull each other up and away from the snow angel. This would leave no hand print and no foot print. It was the perfect snow angel. After all three were done, they would judge to see who had the best one. Of course Travis would win every time, because his was bigger and taller than the other two. They didn’t argue – They were just happy they got to bond with their older brother.

Snowball fights were the best part of their snow days. Travis would invite his friend from up the street down, and they would separate into two teams. It was usually one sister with the friend and the other sister with Travis. They would work for about 30 minutes constructing as many snowballs as they could and the highest snow wall possible to shield from the incoming snow missiles. After the word “Go” was shouted, the four would go crazy catapulting their snow balls at the other team. There was never a real winner because it was hard to keep track of who got hit the most – No one was going to admit to getting hit with any snowball. But they had a blast launching their snowy creation towards the other team. They got sore abs from all the laughing that went down after the opponent got smacked in the face with a snow ball.

As a kid, snow was something Marlee and her bother and sister adored. They anticipated the cold and snowy days, where they could play for hours on end outside with each other without any distractions. They got to bond – They got to hang out with each other, which wasn’t a common occurrence on a school day or warm summer day.

When they woke up to inches of snow and no school, they would waste no time getting into their winter gear and running out the door. They would spend 8 hours playing in the snow, taking a few short breaks to warm up in the garage. Then when the darkness drew in, they would be greeted at the garage door by their mom and dad with warm pajamas, three steaming cups of Hot Chocolate, and a roaring fire to warm up next to. It was the best day, and it all happened in the snow.

So yes, winter storm Jonas does not sound like a whole lot of fun, but for once, let’s leave our grownup clothes inside and get dressed up in all our childhood memories from those snowy days. Go outside – embrace the snow – play for hours in it – make more memories. It is only going to be as horrible as they say if we sit around and pout about it. Go back and remember your favorite snow day memory as a kid, and get out there this weekend and do it.

What was your favorite childhood memory with the snow? Comment below.





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