Don’t be a Chicken, Climb the Apple Tree

Two days in a row – Marlee is on a roll. She created another masterpiece last night for dinner that was unique, healthy, and delicious. So yummy, that she had two happy boys in the house (Zach and I) with satisfied chops and stomachs. 

She bought all the ingredients at the local Giant Eagle for around $30. That’s a steal for how amazing the dinner turned out. It was an experiment, so she didn’t know what the outcome would be – We were all pleasantly surprised. 

Marlee likes to call the meal: “Don’t be a chicken; climb the apple tree.” Unique name for a unique dish.

Luckily for you, she wants to share the creative masterpiece with all her readers. To find out how to make this healthy and delicious meal, continue reading below. 

{The Tasty Ingredients}

A pack of thin sliced Perdue Chicken Breasts, a Granny Smith Apple and a Red Apple, a bag of Mini Sweet Peppers, a bag of dried cranberries, a bottle of Apple Cider Vinigerette, and some spinach lettuce. 

{Now be like Johnny Appleseed, and create it} 

Thaw out the chicken breasts, either by leaving them in the fridge over night or defrosting them in the microwave. After they are thawed, marinate them in a plastic zip-lock bag filled with Apple Cider Vinigerette Dressing. Marlee let them soak in the dressing for about three hours, but you can do it for longer, to get more of the flavor soaked up in the chicken. While they are still soaking, take your Granny Smith Apple, Red Apple, and Mini Sweet Peppers and cut them up into chunks. Have them ready to go before you start cooking the chicken. 

Now it’s time to cook it. Take a skillet and place it on a burner. Marlee turned the knob up to medium. Place the marinated chicken breasts and start cooking them on the skillet. After both sides of the chicken are semi browned, add in the chopped apples and peppers. Also drizzle a little more dressing overtop everything in the skillet. Mix it around every now and then, and keep a lid on top the rest of the time. You want to cook everything together for about 12-15 minutes.

While the apples, peppers, and chicken are cooking, prepare your plate. Put some spinach lettuce as a base on the plate. Spread it around to cover the entire plate. Then sprinkle some dried cranberries on top of the spinach lettuce. It not only looks pretty, but it tastes delicious. After you finish with the presentation, everything else should be done cooking. Take a spoon and scoop chicken, apples, and peppers on top of the lettuce and cranberries. BAM, you are ready to serve the scrumptious dish. 

Marlee is no five star chef, but I gave her a four in presentation and a five in taste. She is a rockstar in my eyes. 

Now it’s time for you to all rock the kitchen. Don’t be a chicken, climb the apple tree. 



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