Just One Sick Day

It’s that time of year again. The time of year that everyone looks forward to {just kidding}. The time of year when the snow starts falling and the temperature starts dropping. The time of year when everyone starts getting sick and of course passing it along to everyone else around them. 

Unfortunately, Marlee was hit with the wave of illness. She has been battling a sinus infection, cold, sore throat, and cough for about three days now {no fun}. I was not much help to her. After all, I’m too short to reach the medicine cabinet, to small to stand over a hot stove making soup and tea for her to drink, and I hate baths, so obviously I’m not going to draw her one. Let’s be honest, I can write a good blog post about being sick, but I can’t help someone that is sick. 

Fortunately for Marlee, her mom, grandma, and of course Google helped prepare her for the battle against the misery. And I am here to share with you some tips and tricks to help you defeat the common cold and sinus infection and get back into gear. 

So pay close attention and follow my every word. I may not be a doctor, but a lot of this stuff can be found on Web MD. Okay, here goes the list:

{Get a lot of rest} I know what you are all probably muttering under your breath. I work – I don’t have time to rest. Well in order to get better, you need to get a little selfish. Take a personal day from work and spend all day in bed. Snuggle under the warm covers, find a good movie to watch, and take multiple naps. Like Marlee’s grandma always use to say: “There is no better medicine than a little rest.”

{Drink a lot of hot tea} You know this is your favorite part. You’re mom used to make you a steaming cup every time you were sick in school. It brings back such good memories and also brings a soothing feeling to your throat and sinuses. The hot liquid feels amazing going down your sore pipe. Plus it is so easy making hot tea these days. Either get your mom to make you her famous concoction, that was always so perfect, or just pop in a k-cup to your kuerig. I recommend drinking atleast two or three cups a day. 

 {Eat a lot of hot soup} Like the hot tea, this is going to feel amazing going down your sore throat. It is also simply delicious. If you’re like Marlee, you will get your boyfriend to go to the store and buy you multiple cans of soup. Marlee prefers chicken noodle, wedding soup,or tomato   soup when she is feeling down. You can eat any kind. As long as it is hot, it will feel good. 
{Stay hydrated} Besides drinking your cups of hot tea, make sure you keep a bottle of water by your bedside at all times. This type of cold will bring a horrible cough and scratchy throat. Plus you won’t be able to breathe out of your nose, so your mouth is going to get mighty dry hanging open all night. The water will help cool you down, soothe your cough, and wet that dry whistle.

{Take a lot of medicine} This is a preference section. Whatever medicine you feel the most comfortable taking, is what you should take. Marlee has been taking IBUprofen and Robitussin. The IBUprofen is used to help get rid of her sore throat, headache, and cold, while the cough syrup is used to get rid of her excessive hacking. She takes two pills twice a day. Two in the morning and two at night and she also takes the cough syrup twice a day. 

{Lather yourself in Vicks} Let me tell you, this stuff is like Heaven in a little jar. Marlee has lived and literally breathed this cream since she was a little girl. Her grandma is the one who got her hooked on this stuff the first time she ever experienced a cold. This is the one thing Marlee insists that you buy at any store whenever you are congested. It feels amazing, right after a hot bath. Rub it all over your chest, neck, back, and all around your nose before bed. It will help you breathe better at night and will also help soothe your sore “tissue nose.” You can buy it any store that sells over the counter medicine.   

{Soak in a hot bath} Marlee has used this as the common cold medicine since she was a little girl. She would fill the tub up, almost to the rim with hot water, close her eyes, put a hot rag over her eyes, and just soak for about 30 minutes. The steam helped clear her congestion and also relax her aching body. More recently, Marlee has been using the Epsom salt bath. She actually took one tonight. She filled the tub to the rim with hot water, poured and mixed in 1 cup of Epsom salt and a 1/2 cup of baking soda into the water, added some lavender for extra relaxation, and soaked for a solid half hour. This will make you sweat like crazy, but will also allow you to walk out of the bathroom congestion free. I also hear it is good for a little water weight loss. But that is a whole different post. Don’t forget to rub Vicks on your body and bundle up with a blanket or warm robe after getting out of the bath. Also, drink lots of water. This Epsom Salt bath will remove a lot of toxins, so you need to stay hydrated.  


After reading through this post, you are equipped to defeat that nasty cold that has been getting a lot of people down recently. I hope you all stay healthy, but also get to be a little selfish and take a sick day from work, eat tons of soup, drink tons of tea, and soak in a ton of warm baths. 

Good luck and feel better! 


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