My Dear, it’s a New Year 

As Brad Paisley would say in a jist: “It’s the start of a new 365 page book. Write a good one.”

This quote makes me ponder. What do I want my 2016 book to include? What would make me feel proud and fulfilled? I know I want to look back on the year and read all that I accomplished or strived for over the year, and smile, because I became a better me. 

This is not just my first blog post of the new year, but the first day of my hopefully new and improved self. The first day of many accomplishments and changes within. It’s the first day to start writing my new book that will hopefully get me a five star rating with the people around me that  I love and cherish so much. A book that will give me a New York Time’s Best Selling Award from the rest of the World. I want my book to be powerful and I want my book to make a little change in me and in the World – I want my book to bring a little light into the dim place we live in today. 

So I plan on writing an amazing 365 page book. I will start with my table of contents and work on writing each chapter day by day. 

{Table of Contents}

Chapter One: I want to love more, and more importantly, I want to hate less. People will make me mad and people will hurt me. But I want to become a strong person that can forgive always and look for the good in even the most darkest people or places. I want to see the good in everything and everyone and focus less on what bothers me. I mess up a lot, and God still loves me. I want to love like God. Unconditionally and always, no matter what. 

Chapter Two: I want to strive for more and not give up. I want to set goals for myself – I want to become a better me. I want to reach for the stars and not settle for anything less than that. I want to realize that God created an amazing person full of many talents, and I want to succeed in everything for myself and most importantly for Him. 

Chapter Three: I want to be my own person and not mold to what the rest of the World believes in or does. I want to be myself and I want to be unique. I am goofy. I love God. My body is not perfect. I have flaws. I am me. I don’t want to change for anyone. I want to be proud to be who I am and show it off to the entire World. I want others to see that they can be themselves and still be loved and accepted. 

Chapter Four: I want to work harder, not only at my job, but in all other areas of my life. I want to work harder at being a better daughter, granddaughter, sister, girlfriend, friend, and Christain. I want to make them proud and happy, all while making myself happy and proud. 

Chapter Five: I want to help change the World. I want to help the less fortunate, the sick, and the hungry. I want to talk more about God, so I can change lives by introducing them to faith and eternal life.  I want to show people love, even strangers, so that the World can all start to show more love to everyone around them. I want to accept everyone and learn as much as I can about them. I want to make everyone feel loved, so the World will change from hostile to warm. 

There will be additions to this book. It will grow everyday, and will hopefully turn into a book worthy of awards. I want my book to change the World, but also change me. 

My dear, it’s a new year. A new year to start over. A new year to make a change. A new year to love more. A new year to hate less. A new year to strive for more. A new year to grow. It’s a new year to write an amazing and best selling 365 page book. 


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