Add a Little Funfetti to New Years Eve

The new year is just days away, which is the time to make resolutions, such as join a gym, lose some weight, and eat healthier. But New Year’s Eve comes before New Year’s Day, which is the time to stuff your face before all that resolution stuff kicks in. 

Marlee and me have a delicious, simple, and cheap fix for your New Year’s Eve sweet tooth. It is guaranteed to be a party hit and will allow you to enjoy yourself one last time before the first of the year rolls around.

So follow the easy instructions below to create the delicious masterpiece known as Funfetti Cake Mix Dip. It takes five ingredients that can be found and bought at Wal-Mart or Dollar General for under $20. So here we go: 

{What you will need}

1 box of Funfetti Cake Mix, preferably the Pillsbury brand. Because who doesn’t love the little dough boy that you can poke all you want to get a giggle. 


2 cups of plain fat-free yogurt. I know it sounds boring and plain, but don’t worry it will add the perfect amount of deliciousness to the mix. Plus it is fat-free, so you won’t feel as bad eating it. You can easily compare it to a salad – it’s a stretch, but close enough. 


1 cup of Lite Cool Whip. I mean who doesn’t love to add this topping to anything. You can even add a little more than a cup depending on your taste buds. We all are different and we all might like to add a little more sweetness to the mix. Plus it will make you so ‘cool’ and will have you singing and dancing to ‘Now watch me whip. Now watch me Nae Nae’ – haha see what I did there.  

Add a few more colorful sprinkles to the bowl and make it a true work of art. It will make it more colorful and will make your tastebuds want to do a happy dance, even before you actually taste it. 


Finally, you will need either one or two boxes of regular Teddy Graham’s, plain graham crackers, or animal crackers. But no offense, you should totally splurge on the two boxes of Teddy Graham’s. I mean who doesn’t love dipping those cute little Teddy Bears into a big bowl of deliciousness.   

{How to ‘whip’ it up}

You better pay close attention because these directions are going to be difficult to remember. First, you take the box of Funfetti Cake Mix and mix it together with the two cups of plain yogurt and one cup of cool whip, all in one big bowl. Stir it together until it is even and there are no lumps. Remember you can add more cool whip or yogurt depending on your preference of sweetness. Place some plastic wrap overtop the mixture and plop it into the refrigerator. Keep it there for four hours, before taking it out and adding some colorful sprinkles. Take off the plastic wrap and serve with the Teddy Graham’s. Like I said, totally difficult….NOT.

Now you are ready to serve your guests your masterpiece. It will be so delicious that they will beg you to come back to next year’s party. I mean you did add some ‘fun,’ ‘coolness,’ and had everyone doing the ‘WHIP and Nae Nae’ dance, all with five simple ingredients. 

Stuff your face hardcore, because when January 1st comes around, you have to get serious about those resolutions. But if you’re smart, your resolution will be to eat Funfetti Cake Mix Dip every day!


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