Mark Zuckerberg Helped Expose My Past 

I found out I am a father today. Can you believe it, I’m a father; To three lab-mixed baby girls. 

When Marlee came home from breakfast to tell me the news, I was blown away. I certainly had a hard time believing her. She found me in an animal shelter, so how could she possibly know that I am a father. She didn’t know where I came from. She knew nothing about the first few years of my life. All she knew was that I was loveable, well trained, freshly nuetured, and eager to go home with her. She didn’t know I was a father. I didn’t even know I was a father. 

She found out through social media. Facebook to be exact. Isn’t that crazy. You can contact anyone and find out all the information you could ever want just by logging on to Facebook. No wonder Mark Zuckerberg is like a billionaire. The dude certainly had his crap together and didn’t mess around when it came to changing the world. 

She reached out to the young lady who had me before her and Zach rescued me. The girl who called me Ozzie. The girl who found me on the side of the road and helped to nurse me back to good health. The girl who brought me to Fayette Friends of Animals, where I ultimately met my soul mate and my best friend, Marlee. 

But how was that possible. How did Marlee even know about the girl who brought me to the shelter? 

Well you see, it happened like this:

Marlee and Zach go to Fayette Friends of Animals. They fall in love with me and adopt me. Fayette Friends of Animals takes a picture of the new happy family of three, and posts it on their Facebook page. A hundred people like or comment on the picture. One lady, the mom of the girl who brought me to the shelter, comments on the picture. Marlee reaches out to her to hopefully learn more about where I came from. The mom gives vague information, but then talks about her daughter. Marlee reaches out to the daughter through Facebook. And BAM, eight months later, the girl sees the message and writes Marlee back. It’s crazy! They didn’t even know each other, but they were connected through one simple picture posted on to social media. And because of that one picture, Marlee found out a little bit more about my history. She found out things I might have known, but had forgotten after my amazing eight months with her and Zach. She found out I am a father! If it wasn’t for Mark Zuckerberg, we would all be clueless. Like I said before, he is one smart dude. 

So anyway, because of Facebook, Marlee got a lot of her questions answered. Like the fact that the young lady and her boyfriend found me on the side of the road covered with mud and malnourished. The fact that they brought me home with them and helped to get me healthy. The fact that they discovered through social media, that I was probably the dog who jumped out of a pickup truck and got away from my first owner. The fact that they did care a lot about me, but also wanted me to find a forever home that would have the time to love me and spoil me. The fact that because of their selflessness, I was brought into the shelter where I met Marlee and Zach, my favorite people in the world. 

Marlee also discovered that I had the same mannerisms at the other house that I do with her and Zach. I liked pickup trucks. I farted a lot, and then liked to blame the horrible smell on someone else. I liked to sit on top of people on either the bed or couch. I liked to get out and run around everywhere, laughing while the humans tried to catch me. I liked do cuddle. I liked to sit and give paw. I liked attention. And I really liked walks and car rides. She discovered the similarities all through social media. I know; CRAZY!

Social media: Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Tumblr. Vine. All these developments are crazy. They connect you to people and information that you would never have been able to know before. 

Social media: it connected the dots about my past for Marlee. It helped her and me to realize new facts but also guarantee other details. I was loved. I am loved loved now. I was taken care of. I am taken care of now. I found my forever home. I found my happiness. And I found out that I am a father. 

Social media: it’s crazy!


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