Those Four Letter Words

{L-O-V-E} is a small four letter word that is easy to define but hard to show, especially in the World today. Showing Love takes courage and showing Love takes strong-will, when you are battling so much negativity. It takes a special and powerful person, but the truth is, we can all be that special and powerful person if we refuse to except the norm of the World and start to make a positive change.

There is so much {H-A-T-E} surrounding us. From all the increased mass shootings, to the growing number of terrorist attacks, hate is showcased all over the place. It’s another four letter word, that is both easy to define and easy to see in the World today. 


But let’s all join together and switch the dynamics this Holiday Season. Actually, let’s switch the dynamics for the rest of our lifetime. Let’s all join together and switch from practicing the ugly four letter word to showing the beautiful and life changing one everyday. Let’s get rid of HATE and start showing LOVE. If we all make a pact to change the dynamics, then this World will change from hostile and scary to one that can be padmired and cherished. 


Let love burn through hate and overpower it with its beauty and majesty. 

It doesn’t take a lot to show Love. It can be as easy as saying hello to someone you are passing on the sidewalk. Or it can be something as grand as donating your paycheck to a family in need, buying presents for children who don’t ask for anything because they don’t expect anything, or even adopting an animal who hasn’t shared a Christmas with a family outside of a shelter in years. 

Show Love by telling a complete stranger that you hope they have a wonderful day and that you hope God blesses them. Show Love to a family member by thanking your mom for making a delicious meal every night that prevents you from going hungry or taking time out of your video game playing to watch a movie with your dad or sit and listen to your grandma tell stories about her childhood. 

Show Love by refusing to accept the Hate that some people will try to dish out. When someone insults you or someone around you, say “I’m sorry you feel that way, but I think you are a great person and deserve nothing but the best.” If someone threatens you or someone around you, say “I really wish you would realize how special you are and how much God as well as all of us love you.” Maybe then, we can start to see a change. Maybe then, we can start to see violence stop. Maybe then, we can start to see more Love and less Hate. 


Not all four letter words are bad. In fact, the four letter word of Love can be powerful and it can change the entire World if we all decide to show it, in a small or in a big way.  


Be the first one to show some Love. Be the first to start changing the World by using that four letter word. 



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