Feel The Burn

I’m really not one to talk, and either is Marlee. We usually consider our exercise moving our jaws in an upward down motion, eating a cookie or some kibble.

However, Marlee recently joined a gym. She has only went two days, but she says they have been both excruciating and relaxing. Quite the opposite of descriptions, but both true. 

She says she doesn’t know a whole lot about going to the gym. She is not an expert on what the best workout routine is to lose weight or how much time you should spend on each machine. She isn’t a fitness guru and she will never claim to know anything about working out. She does say she is an expert on the feeling of wanting to give up. She said after the first day, she was in such pain. She was using muscles she hadn’t used in over a year. The second day, she almost didn’t go back. Eating a cookie while watching Netflix sounded better to her. But she pushed herself to go back. She found some motivation and she went back the second day. 

It was brutal. It hurt like crazy. But she did it. And she plans to keep on doing it.

This is a post to give you an ounce of motivation. A post to tell you not to give up. It might have only been two days (a painful two days,) but it will lead to a healthier and a more accomplished you. It will make you feel good and it will make you feel beautiful, even if you don’t lose any weight. 

Going back the second day was an accomplishment. She wanted to give up, after feeling that first ounce of pain when stepping on to that monster machine, as many of you probably have. But I’m here to tell you not to. Go back the second day, and then soon enough, you will be going everyday without feeling any pain. Feeling the burn will be something you look forward to. 

Just remember: You got this. You are a rockstar. You are beautiful.       And…….

                      You could have a body like mine if you keep   pushing yourself.


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