The Unbreakable Bond

I never really knew my brothers and sisters. I’m sure they are all great and I’m sure they all grew up to be fine canines placed with the perfect families. We lost touch as time passed on, and unfortunately, I did not have access to an iPhone in those days to keep up with them on Facebook or Instagram.

 I do remember some vague details from those three short months together. I know we played together a lot. I know we cuddled with one another to keep warm.I know we had many inside jokes and late night conversations. However, the jokes quickly were forgotten and the topics of conversation faded away little by little, after we all began to move on to other families. It was sad, but it was also part of being a dog.

Those days were so long ago. The memories fizzled away. It’s hard for me to remember my siblings’ features, my siblings’ bark, and my siblings’ smile. It’s hard for me to remember what that kind of love and bond felt like. 

But I get a glimpse of that kind of love now, when I see Marlee and her twin sister Brandi together. It’s beautiful and it’s the kind of bond that is unconditional and impossible to break. 

It’s like they are the same person. They both laugh the same (at the dumbest and most ridiculous things), they both have that contagious smile that could brighten up anyone’s day (thanks to years of braces and retainers), and they both have the quirkiest personality (I mean they think “Marcel the Shell” is the funniest video ever created). But it works for them. They know who they are and they aren’t ashamed to be that way, because they know they will always have that best friend in each other to be goofy and strange with. 

They have something that so many people want. They have something that I wish I remembered. 

They have the stay up for hours on end talking, know what each other is thinking, laugh at each other’s ridiculous stories and jokes even if they are not funny, and stick up for each other through thick and thin kind of relationship. They feel each other’s pain, they feel each other’s joy, and they feel each other’s hurt. 

They fight over the silliest things. They argue over who is driving downtown or why the one wore the other one’s sweater and has yet to return it. Marlee yells at Brandi for stressing too much and for waking her up about a billion times through the night because she has to pee again. Brandi gets mad because of Marlee’s “always has to be right” personality and because she got a little mud on the tips of her favorite new boots. But they are never fights that would ruin their bond. In fact, nothing could ruin a bond that strong. They love each other and would never let anything come in between them… Well, except for me last night, when I was snuggled between them watching Grey’s Anatomy and Vampire Diaries. But I don’t think they minded. I am pretty adorable. 

Anyway, back to the point of this blog post. Marlee and Brandi have a strong bond. They have a beautiful bond. They have a bond that many people wish they had. They have the kind of bond that will last for a lifetime.

I am blessed to get to witness that kind of love. I am blessed that I get a little glimpse into my past memories with my siblings through them. I am blessed to be a part of their late night conversations and inside jokes. I am blessed that I am part of that bond. 

That love-That bond, is unbreakable



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