Family is Furever

Kids grow up. We mature. And we move on with our lives outside of our parents’ protection. It’s sad. It’s scary. It’s exciting. And it’s a part of life.

I never really knew my real mom. I moved from home to home and then ended up in a kennel, before meeting my forever family and mom. Marlee of course is everything to me, as most moms are to their kids, and I can’t imagine my life without her or my dad Zach. I’m sure that’s how you all feel about your mom and dad. You love them. They helped make you into the person you are now. And you can’t imagine life without them.

Of course, growing up and moving on is hard. You don’t get to spend the quality time you once did with your parents. You work, you hang out with friends and coworkers, and you focus on your other relationships. You are leading an adult life. Your parents are extremely proud of you, but they also miss you.

While it’s nice to grow up and be on your own, it is also nice to go home and feel like a little kid every now and again.

You can make your own tea from your adult Kureg, but it doesn’t taste near as good as the hot cup your mom brews you from an old fashion kettle on the stove. She puts the perfect amount of sugar in it and the right amount of milk to cool it down. It takes you back to the times in grade school when you would stay home sick from school, lying in your parents’ bed all day watching shows on MTV and Disney, while sipping on a steaming cup of tea made by your mom on her lunch break. She came home specifically to check on you. You could tell in that cup of tea that she loved and cared for you like no one else ever would.

Also, washing your own clothes is a mature thing to do in your current stage of life, but going home and having your dad do your laundry makes you feel like that immature teenager who was still trying to learn how to make it through life and figure out how to manage the ups and downs of high school. The smell of the detergent reminds you of crawling under the covers in your childhood bed after a stressful test, a Friday night football game, or a heart breaking fight with your boyfriend or best friend. The comfort of that smell, your parents’ smell was enough to heal a headache, sore feet, or a broken heart. Plus, no one else knows how to fold your t-shirts or socks the way they always did. Not even you can do it as perfectly as them.

Then, there are the homemade meals. You know, the meals your mom gave you the recipes for, but you refused to make anything, because you knew it wouldn’t taste as good as hers did. The stuffed shells and peppers, the baked steak, the wedding soup, the chili, and the cheesy potatoes.Those are the meals you lived for. Those are the meals you beg for now. It wasn’t just about the meals, it was about the quality time and good conversation you got to have with your family, talking about how awful your Chemistry test was or how annoying that one “know-it-all” in your English class was. They were always the ones who would listen to you vent for hours and would always agree with anything you said. Secretly they were calming you down and shutting you up with the second and third servings of mashed potatoes and gravy that they were piling on your plate.

They knew how to make you happy. They knew how to calm you down. And they sure did know how to make you feel loved and special.

They still make you feel that way and they still care and love you more than words can express.

So, go home every now and again. Leave the adult world behind and go back to the good ole’ days. The days when you were still trying to figure everything out and the biggest problem you had was finding the perfect outfit to wear on your first real date.

It’s okay for you to sometimes miss being a kid. Those days were the best. You had the greatest people to spend time with.

Go home, go back in time, and let your mom make you a cup of tea, and let your dad do your laundry, and crawl under your covers, after talking for hours to your parents over a home cooked meal. Nothing makes life better than that.


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