It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

Marlee and me woke up today to a dreary and wet morning. We barely wanted to move out from under the bed covers, let alone step outside in the miserable drizzle. I mean what is the point of even trying to make yourself look cute on a day like today?

However, Marlee and me have some tricks that will bring a little color and brightness into your rainy Tuesday morning. Instead of singing “rain, rain, go away,” you’ll be bursting out “it’s raining men,” or for people like me that don’t prefer for it to rain men, you’ll start singing “I’m walking on sunshine.” Change your tune on this dreary day and read the few tricks we offer on how to put a little pep in your step while walking in the rain. 

1.  Wear a cute coat. Make the wet and puddle covered pavement your runway. Break out your favorite trench coat. Showcase your inner Nancy Drew or Inspector Gadget. They are both totally hardcore. You’ll look like you’re solving an intense mystery while staying dry in the rain. If you don’t have a trench coat, no problem. Buy a rain jacket. I mean obviously they will keep you dry. They literally have the word rain in the name. Plus you can get some super cute rain coats at almost any department store. Even Walmart has some cute ones!   


2. Break out the adorable rain boots. You know you all have been dying to wear them. You searched high and low for the cutest, but most efficient ones to wear. There are so many patterns and styles to choose from. I’m sure most of you went rain boot crazy and bought more than one pair. I won’t judge you. I myself am begging Marlee and Zach to buy me blue rain boots from Pet Smart that have reflectors on them. I mean reflectors!! Do I even need to say anything else?! They are awesome, and they would make walking in the rain a whole lot better. Put on your cutest pair on skinny jeans and slap those rain boots right on. Now walk, or even jump through all the puddles. Go ahead; you know you want to.


3. Use your fancy umbrella. Big, small, polka dots, or stripes. There are so many to choose from. Make sure whatever one you pick adds a little color into the dreariness of the day. You’ll hope and pray for it to rain, just so you have an excuse to pop open that cute umbrella. Just don’t do it indoors. That is bad luck. Anyway, shield yourself from the drizzle in style. And remember, cover us dogs too. We can’t exactly hold our own umbrella. 



4. Remember color, color, color. It’s gross out there and slightly depressing. It just looks like a boring blob of grey. Be the art on the dreary canvas. Add some sunshine to the cloudy and grey sky. Brighten things up. People won’t be so grouchy and depressed if there is something colorful to look at. Be the reason people are happy on a rainy day.  



So, it’s raining. What are you going to do? Let the the dreary weather get you down, or take Marlee and I’s advice and embrace the rain?

Break out that bright coat, umbrella, and pair of boots and start chanting “rain, rain, don’t go away. Stay with me another day.”



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