Welcome November, You’re not so ‘Pawful’

November is finally here and there are so many things to rejoice about when it comes to this month!


I know many of you have the start of winter and snow blues. I mean you are soon going to have to start scraping ice off of your windshield and shoveling piles of snow off your driveway…. But anyway, I am not writing this blog post to depress you, so let’s get to the real point. Marlee and me have some things that will get you hyped up for November and the dreaded winter months ahead. Some things that make us wag our tails and shuffle our paws in utter excitement.

Read on to see what you have to look forward to.

Wearing sweaters, fashionable coats, cute boots, and blanket scarves. Be honest. You know you have been dying to wear all this since last winter ended. I know I haven’t been able to take off my white boots at all this summer. They were just too cute to part with. Now I am free to wear them without any judgment. And I am finally able to put on my nice winter coat. It’s silky, smooth, and makes all the girls come running (shh…don’t tell my mom). Anyway, I am sure you have been hitting all the online stores purchasing the newest and cutest knitted sweaters, plaid blanket scarves, and leather jackets to wear with your military or fabric fold over boots. You have been preparing for this time of year since July. So be excited for November, because you are about to look b-e-a-utiful!

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Playing in the snowYou know you are all excited for your inner kid to come out. It’s the time of year when snowball fights, sled riding, snowboarding and skiing, and making snow angels become the best way to pass the time. You can’t wait to run around outside with your arms flailing in the air, as you catch the perfect snowflake on your tongue. And for all you school kids, the snow brings potential snow days. We all know those are the best! Personally, I enjoy painting the snow yellow. I am not sure everyone enjoys my yellow masterpieces, but they sure make me grin.

Food, food, and did I say food. Swimsuit season is long gone and you are able to add a few extra pounds under the sweaters. So I say, why not stuff your face with all you can. After all, November is the month of Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and of course pies! Apple pies, blueberry pies, and pumpkin pies…oh my! Where do you even begin. Or how about those amazing pumpkin rolls your mother makes or the sugar cookies your grandma shovels down your throat. How do you say no to all of that? My answer is, you don’t! Say yes, yes and of course yes. You can start hitting the gym or taking longer walks once April rolls around.

        images8NJUDT0U untitled

The holidays are just around the corner. The radio is starting to play your favorite Christmas jams, the stores are stocking up for Black Friday shoppers, and Hallmark is already starting their countdown to Christmas movie specials. How does this not sounds amazing?! Boy, is it a good time to be alive! Soon enough, your family will be breaking out the Christmas tree and decorations. There is nothing better than a house full of Christmas charm! Plus, you are days closer to seeing your extended family. I know “most” of you cannot wait to see them, unless of course you have relatives like the Griswolds. Then you want them to stay far, far away. Anyway, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and of course New Years are back to back to back, and they are all grand! Food, presents, and celebration. Woohoo!

    imagesV2VJXZA8 untitled

Warm drinks and warm hearts. Hot chocolate, cappuccino, and the holiday latte flavors from Starbucks. How are your taste buds not doing a little jig right now?! All this chocolaty warmness is good for the body, soul, and mind. Well, it is probably not too good for the body, but we will let it slide for a few months. Plus the winter months and holidays bring out the best in everyone. I mean even the Grinch and Scrooge grew a heart during this time of year. Everyone is in the giving spirit and everyone is jolly. Be eager to pass the joy and happiness of this season along to everyone! Let your heart grow two sizes too big and get ready to sing with all your midget, I mean ‘Who’ friends, around the Christmas tree.

      images8QKT8Q3P   untitled

After reading all that, how can you not be jumping for joy?! Go ahead, jump. No one will judge you.

It’s finally November and Marlee and I could not be more excited. I hope your mind changed a little too.

Remember, eat a lot, cover up the pounds with cute sweaters and scarves, work off the pie by making the perfect snowball or snowman, let your heart grow by giving a little, and did I say eat a lot?!?

It’s November! Yay!


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