Thank Dog it’s Friday (TDIF)

It’s Friday, which for many of you means the end of the work week. Yay!

You have two stress free days off and you have to figure out what to do during all that spare time! I mean it’s 48 hours of relaxation and fun, so you have to spend it right!

Personally for dogs like myself, I am content just spending the weekend like I spent all of my week, doing absolutely nothing. I would lay on the bed, sit on the couch, lay on the floor, then go back to lying on the bed, all while watching TV and licking myself. Sounds like a fun time to me.

However, I guess many humans would not find that thrilling, and if any of you would spend all weekend licking yourself, I think you would probably spend the next weekend in the crazy bin wrapped up in a straight jacket.

So, for you humans, there are other ways you can waste those precious 48 hours.

  1. Spend time with family and friends. After all, you probably didn’t get a whole lot of time with them during all that running around at work. Maybe go shopping and out to eat with your mom or watch some football with your dad. Bake cookies with your grandma or rent some movies and order some pizza for a girl’s (or boy’s) night in with your pals. They want to see your beautiful and smiling face, even if you have dark circles and bags under them from the rough week you just made it through. They understand your struggles, they still think you’re pretty, and they love you. So, make time for them.
  2. Spend a weekend away. You did just spend five days of your life in the same boring routine. Get up, get dressed, spend 8 hours at work, go home, do some house work, make dinner, shower, and go to bed. That’s not exactly exciting and that shouldn’t be how you spend your only two days off. Take your boyfriend/girlfriend or gather up some friends and hit the city. Rent a hotel in Pittsburgh and spend the weekend gambling at the casino, going to a football or baseball game, watching a musical at the theatre, shopping, or eating out at the best restaurants or pubs. Go crazy. Splurge a little. After all, you are going back to work on Monday and will bring in more money to make up for all that you spent.
  3. Do some charity work. I know what you’re thinking: I just spent all week working, so why would I want to do more work on the weekend for other people? It’s supposed to be me time. Well, to me, this isn’t exactly work. Whenever you’re helping someone in need, it should always make  you feel good. Help at your local soup kitchen or hand out groceries to families in need at the town’s food pantry. Tutor a kid who is struggling in school or babysit for a family friend so they can get away a little too. You can even start your own fundraiser or weekend program. Helping people feels amazing, and on the weekends it doesn’t hurt to lend some of your 48 hours of free time to others that really need it.
  4. Spend some time doing your favorite hobby. Go to a new golf course and play 18 holes, go shoot some sporting clays at your local shooting range (or preferably the Field Club at Nemacolin), do some scrapbooking, catch up on your favorite book series, or even go hunting. You can’t really do what you love when you’re spending all week working, so the weekend grants you with the perfect opportunity to do so. Spend time doing what you love to do, so you don’t end up miserable and hating life. That is no fun.
  5. Just relax. Put on  your pajamas, skip a shower for a day, and just lounge around with your left hand in a bag of potato chips and your right hand on the TV remote. Watch a new series on Netflix or tune in for the new LMN movie. Do absolutely nothing. The only time you should move, is if you have to pee or your bag of potato chips or can of soda is empty. Be lazy. Be a bum. Be a couch potato. No one will judge you for it. After all, they are all probably doing the exact same thing.
  6. Just spend time with us dogs. We do get to see you through the week, but we don’t get as much quality time with you as we would like. Take us on a longer walk, instead of just a stroll along the stretch of bushes to pee. Buy us a new toy, like a ball, and play with us in the back yard. Or just lay on the bed with us, watching TV, while rubbing our bellies and under chin. We all really love that. It doesn’t matter what you decide to do with us, we just love being near you and want to be the center of your attention. You won’t find someone more loving and loyal than us, and plus, we won’t judge you for not showering, eating too much junk food, or spending 48 hours straight in your pajamas with no makeup on. In fact, we will do that exact same thing.

It doesn’t matter how you spend your two days off, just do it right. You are hard workers and you deserve some time for yourself.

Spoil yourself and treat yourself to an amazing 48 hours of free time. You won’t get more of that until you are 70 years old and in retirement, so take what you can get and remember TDIF (Thank dog it’s Friday)!


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